The Tomorrow People – Sorry For Your Loss

Russell and Stephen hustle pool

Russell and Stephen hustle pool

The opening scene of Russell playing at practically prodigy level piano was beautiful. Only to be immediately, berated by his father for not being good enough. His frustration and the level of emotion he exuded made it the perfect moment for his powers to first emerged as he smashed the piano chair with his telekinesis. That intense relationship was strained, but he was still his father. When Russell’s father dies, he makes the choice to go to his funeral. They may not have been close, but he was still his father. Russell was willing to never be allowed back with the Tomorrow just to go to it.

Watching the flashbacks with Russell was not only great to finally learn more about the character who was always there, but pushed into the periphery. His scenes were funny and tragic at the same time and evoked great emotions. If there is one trend I am noticing in this show, it is the strength of the flashbacks. Often, the flashbacks end up more emotional and compelling than the main story line. Russell’s father pushed him too far, but he wasn’t going to give up his son. He loved his son and was willing to endure pain for his safety.

The cross country journey between John and Russell was kind of perfect. Russell is a bit of a loose cannon, the comic relief, while John is a wonderful stick in the mud. If a stick in the mud can ever be wonderful. John likes to stay under the radar, while Russell enjoys the attention he can get through tricks. Of course that lead to them being held in the bar by a cop for starting a bar fight.

Piper was an interesting character from the moment she entered the screen. She is adept at handling her abilities and seems to be particularly good at the telepathy. She is very good at disappearing when necessary. But she is just a kid going up alone against Ultra. If it wasn’t for Cara’s guidance she would have been brought in by Ultra. It wasn’t a surprise that Piper turned out to be Darcy’s sister. What was more surprising was that Darcy wasn’t willing to turn her sister in to Ultra. I’m glad that Darcy is finally got fleshed out even if she had to die to save her sister.

Sorry For Your LossAs a character, John has the potential to be extremely interesting, but comes off as irritating. Last week, Cara explained that she wasn’t upset with John because he could kill. Yet, this week she had to repeat again that she was angry with John because he was keeping secrets from her and she still thought that he was. For anyone who has been in a relationship, you know that big secrets like John is keeping  from Cara hurt not because of what they were about, but that they were kept at all. John doesn’t seem to get this and instead chooses to run and help Russell.

The kiss between Stephen and Cara was caused out of panic, but the emotion was undeniable. Something sparked between them and it didn’t disappear. The two continued to flirt throughout the episode and it felt genuine. You get a sense that there is something strong between them. How that relationship progresses will be interesting to see.

What did you think of the episode?

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