Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – Heart of Stone

Anastasia gets the crown jewels

Anastasia gets the crown jewels

This week was very much a time to reflect of Anastasia/ the Red Queen’s role in this whole tale. In order to help both herself, she enlists the help Alice. It is a cause of needing each other and not being to proud to ask for help from someone they don’t particularly like. Anastasia orders Alice to jump across a massive ravine to get to the dust that she needs. Since only the pure of heart can make the leap, Alice really is the only one who has a chance. Unfortunately, her love of Cyrus clearly wasn’t enough and she plummeted into the cavern below. the real test was her ability to spare the life of someone who had done terrible things to her. Which she passed with flying colors.

Even if Alice is pure of heart, she is still a bit devious. She stole some of the magic dust Anastasia stole from her, proving she isn’t quite as naive as others think she is. Alice again and again proves to be capable and filled with little surprises. She is spunky and while you know she will always do good, you don’t always know what she will do next. This is a great characteristic for a character to have, yet there is still something missing from her character that makes me long for more. I just don’t like her as much as I should, whereas I am far more compelled by Will and to a lesser extent Anastasia.

We got to see the flashbacks of Anastasia’s life before Wonderland. She was a girl with hopes and dreams, oppressed by a dreadful mother. Hearing her mother complain about how she expected better of Anastasia and found her choice in love (Will) disgraceful. This drives Anastasia to attempt to pose as royalty at a royal ball. While the pair of them ended getting kicked out, she finally got a taste of what she really wanted. She wanted to be the belle of the ball. After an attempt to steal the crown jewels, she got more than expensive rubies. With the sacrifice of her love of will, Anastasia was granted everything she wanted and more, the ability to be queen and thus the Red Queen was born.

But the dust was for Will, her one true love.

Cyrus made for his great escape this week that begun last week. We saw in the pilot that Cyrus could fight, but it wasn’t until he faced one of Jafar’s guards that I was reminded of it. Other than a close call as he escaped the tower with the White Rabbit, he got out without a hitch. Between Cyrus and Alice, we know they love blindly and allow it to carry and motivate them. Unfortunately, it is only words and a scene here and there. We’ve yet to see a truly moving scene with the couple despite all their claims of love.

What did you think of the episode?

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