About NaNoWriMo: The Slog

It happens to every NaNoWriMo participant, no matter what stage they are at. There is a point that everyone will reach where the words just become tougher, you characters become obstinante, and you just want to throw you hands up in the air and call it quits. No one ever said NaNoWriMo was easy and this phenomenon that hits around week two and continues until the last week or thanksgiving is inevitable. That’s why I wrote a NaNo post about perserverance. I didn’t write it for fun, I wrote it because people need those words of encouragement before the slog hits.

What is it
The slog is the period in NaNo when work seems absolutely impossible. Writing as become the most difficult of tasks and instead of actually writing you want to quit. It is occurs whether you’ve been writing for years and are a serial NaNo participant. It will occur if this is your first time participating in NaNo and you’ve never tried to write a novel in your book. The slog is not discriminatory. If you are participating in NaNo, the slog wants you. The slog wants to make it feel like November will never end and your book is entirely comprised of tripe.

What the slog makes you believe
The slog will make you think that you an’t write. The slog will make you think that everything you do write is trash. The slog will make you think taking that break will help you collect your thoughts, but doesn’t tell you that many times it will make the slog more present in your heart. The slog can make you believe that you weren’t meant to be a writer. The slog can take away all of your confidence. The good news is the slog is a lying jerk and everything negative it makes you believe is full of shit. Sure, what you are writing could have problems, but you can’t let the negativity get to you unless it is genuine. Fatigue is not an excuse to lose faith in a project. It is simply something you need to recover from in order to plow forward.

How to kick it in it’s ass
The slog while dangerous can be overcome. The key is remembering what it is you wish to accomplish. The slog can sap all of your enthusiasm away from you, but with some hope you can retain your hopes for the project. If you can keep your personal goal of completion in mind, you’ll be able to concur the slog. For some people, the slog attacks your faith in the project and its legitimacy, for those there is another way. If you are suffering from thinking of how terrible your story is, remember that the story can be fixed. It is just a first draft that must be completed.

How does the slog hit you? More importantly, how do you cope with the slog?

4 thoughts on “About NaNoWriMo: The Slog

  1. Oh, the slog….I know it, Horatio.

    For me, the slog is where I have to keep writing every day, for X period of time, even if I don’t feel like it. Because writing is a job too (I mean, not mine, really, but wouldn’t that be nice) and “calling out” of your job too often results in no job anymore.

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