About British TV in the US

Short post today because I am struggling to keep my eyes open and really need a mocha IV.

I will admit, I have a major obsession with British TV. I always have had this obsession. If it was British, I would watch it. Just like American TV there are bad shows, but there are fantastic shows to be watched that originated across than ever. For decades, those in the UK would get US programming. Getting British shows here was a different story. Sure, we had BBCAmerica, which brought us some of the hits pooled from all of BBC’s programming and there were shows like Fawlty Towers on PBS.

In recent years, the amount of British TV available in the US is growing. NBC’s Dracula is actually a co-production. As for the rest, most of the TV comes on Hulu, with the exception of BBCAmerica programming. Netflix also provides a healthy dose of British TV for Americans to consume. The vast increase in American accessibility has shows across the pond has been encouraging. The idea that Americans want nothing to do with British TV because we don’t care or just don’t understand is starting to diminish. Top Gear airs a week after the episodes air in the UK. Doctor Who takes it a step further and airs day of. (For anyone uncertain, the 50th Anniversary Special Airs globally). With Hulu and Netflix streaming a bunch of British shows, I am able to sate my desire of all things British. I admit I am a bit of an anglophile, but even friends who could care less about the UK have enjoyed some of the shows.

What British shows do you enjoy? For all us Americans, how do you access the shows you want?

3 thoughts on “About British TV in the US

  1. Interesting piece for an Englishman to read. I have always been fascinated by the little differences between us. One of those fascinations was why US TV execs would remake our shows for an American audience. Stanford and Son, Life On Mars, they even tried it with Fawlty Towers. I mean we have US Shows as is. I couldn’t imagine Cheers set in Bolton.

    As far as where do you get our shows. Proxy server and iPlayer is the way to go.

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