Almost Human – Skin

Kennex and Dorian with the destroyed android prostitute

Kennex and Dorian with the destroyed android prostitute

Kennex’s inability to relate to kids was hilarious. His idea to do a cool trick like Dorian by stabbing himself in his synthetic leg, left the little girl he was trying to impress screaming. Dorian laid out everything Kennex has issues with, kids and cats being two of them. Despite his shoddy connection with the little girl, he manages to really relate to Victor a little bit later in the episode.

This week delved us the world of android prostitutes, androtutes, sexbots, or whatever you want to call them. When a top creator of these androtutes is killed Kennex and his team is called in. These guys got to themselves into a big mess with the androtutes being skinned from real women. the underworld men are perfectly shady, though we don’t get much depth from them I don’t expect a whole lot from a plot of the week villain, but it would be nice to see them get a bit more depth.

The Albanians were no joke though as they skinned the androtute that was in the beginning of the episode. A fact which worries Kennex and Dorian even more about the real women who are captured. The torture that they put the women they capture looks unbearable as their skin is sapped away from their bodies without killing them. instead they are being mined for their skin. I’m not sure which is creepier and unfortunate, being kept alive in a blank state to be used to produce skin or killed and skinned once.

Kennex and Dorian

Kennex and Dorian

There was some great character development and banter with Kennex and Dorian. Dorian threatening to post a dating profile online became real when Kennex eyed the prostitutes in the gallery a little too hard. The two play off each other really well. Dorian has a very playful nature, wile Kennex tries to be enjoyable even if he isn’t always as sweet as he thinks.

This was another week of great effects. The tech is really good from the flash masks to the scatter bomb. While it was clear that the number of effects were scaled back, they didn’t hold back when they worked in the scene.

This episode also rose a question I think we will be dealing with for more of the season, at least I hope we do. The android prostitute they used to find the location of the others had human DNA within her and because of that she needed to be deactivated. As Maldonado said, they can’t have androids with Human DNA on the loose. My question, is why is this so bad? What is their fear? In a more immediate sense, the deactivation allowed Dorian the opportunity to say goodbye to one of his own. He was able to give her the legacy he wishes for himself by remembering her.

What did you think of the episode?

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