About Exhaustion and Creativity

Everyone gets tired. It is an inevitable fact of life. Anyone who manages to go their entire life without ever feeling the pain of being exhausted must life the most stress and incident free boring life I have ever heard of. So, if you have somehow never felt tired, I both commend and envy you.

This goes the same for people with creativity. It is damn near impossible for anyone on this planet to not have ever done anything creative. It is in our nature, our DNA, to be creative to try to do unique things. We want to push boundaries and step outside normal conventions. Sure, there are people who suffer from circumstances which may half or discourage creativity, but no government, or job can oppress it to the point that a person never experiences creativity.

Merger of the two
Exhaustion can suck all the life right out of you, while creativity can breath new lie into a person or a situation. However, when the two are combined, there is often a strange energy that is produced. It is the desire to fight the exhaustion and create whatever it is that is brimming to come out. As a result, there is a delirious state by the creator. Another result is the slowing of production. Exhaustion at the end of the day makes working that much more difficult and even if creativity is enjoyable it is still a form of work. Eventually, there will come a point where it doesn’t matter how much you want to create the exhaustion will take over.

Beating it
There is no way to beat the drain of exhaustion. You must sleep, you must rest. If you do not get the rest you need, eventually you will no longer create. It really is that simple. Sure you can continue to create and I’m sure there are people woul would enjoy the incoherency that exhaustion brings out in people. The easiest way to fix your issue is naps or sleep more. Take time away and enjoy yourself and then you won’t feel like your feet are dragging when you jump back into things. It really isn’ty rocket science, but for some it may seem like the hardest thing in the world to admit they need a break.

It is inevitable for those who participate in NaNoWriMo to not experience the fatigue of pouring your soul out at such a rapid rate. I know that it gets to me and I don’t even have the responsibilities that most participants have. Instead, I upped my goals. The result was waking up early and staying up late to squeeze all the words my goal prescribed. It’s exhausting. I don’t know how people with jobs and kids and meals to cook and practices to attend could manage it without going crazy. But the key is sleep. If you wake up exhausted and trying to squeeze in your writing, you will feel like you are suffering. However, if you get your sleep, the next day’s writing might be hard to get to, but won’t be nearly as daunting because you’ll have more energy to do it.

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