American Horror Story: Coven – The Dead

Zoe teaches Kyle to speak

Zoe teaches Kyle to speak

We started with a flashback of what was going on with Kyle before he was a frankenboyfriend. Unfortunately when we flashed back to the current time Zoe is trying to dispatch Kyle. Even if Kyle may not have all his mind, he is smart enough to know what was about to happen. After stealing the gun, Zoe practically has to wrangle it out of his hands when he turns it on himself. This at least gave Zoe the inclination that she might be able to still help him. Her teaching him words didn’t turn out too well.

Madison’s monologue about how awful it was not to feel was upsetting. Even though she’s been brought back, she isn’t the same. Yet her mind is there unlike Kyle. She knows that she an’t feel pain and more than anything, she wants to feel it again. Madison is not all bad. When Madison saves Cordelia from falling down the stairs when she was supposed to be laying low. Now Cordelia knows that Madison was killed by Fiona. It was nice however to see the two dead people bonding with each other. Though Madison had her sights set even higher as she drew Zoe in to a threesome with her and Kyle.

Fiona spent her time bonding with the Axeman. What he is able to offer her, I’m not yet sure. Noticing that her hair was falling out because of the chemo was enough to make her remember why she was there. She wanted to feel young, but it was a one night stand. Turns out the Axeman had been watching over Fiona the entire time she lived in Madame Robicheaux’s. Protecting her when she was harassed. he loved Fiona like a daughter and a lover. It is a new level of creepy and Fiona wasn’t going for it.

Queenie and Marie Laveaux have a heart to heart

Queenie and Marie Laveau have a heart to heart

It was good for Cordelia to lay down the truth of what may happen to Zoe if she really is the next true supreme. Together, Cordelia proposes that she and Zoe kill Fiona before anyone else is killed. If the revelation that Cordelia wanted her to kill wasn’t enough, then walking in on Madison and Kyle having sex (zombie sex?) when he was supposed to be watched. Zoe rebounded by going to Spaulding for confirmation of Cordelia’s claims. That involved some disgusting enchanting and reattaching of his severed and enchantment preserved tongue. I certainly didn’t see Zoe killing him.

All season we’ve had the odd pairing of Queenie and LaLaurie. in a way it is natural to pair the psychotic southern bigot with the modern day empowered Queenie. When they start a discussion of how Queenie doesn’t feel the other girls will ever truly accept her. LaLaurie plainly states it is because she’s black, which prompts Queenie to see Marie Laveau. Surprisingly, Marie is willingly to play ball and will allow Queenie to join her fold if she brings her LaLaurie. After yet another disturbing story of how LaLaurie killed her husband’s bastard baby for her beauty remedy, it made sense that she gave up LaLaurie. Unfortunately, learning is not enough to save her from the terrible things she’d done in the past.

What did you think of the episode?

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