Arrow – State v Queen

The count in his warehouse

The count in his warehouse

Malcolm Merlyn has returned. With the reveal of Ra’s Al Ghul having ties to Merlyn, one shouldn’t be particularly surprised. One should be surprised that Thea is his daughter.

This episode was a big hitter on two fronts. The biggest aspect of this episode is the return of The Count. He pulled off a great escape bursting through a massive hole in the prison and then walking out. The Count is truly deranged and it showed.

The Count released a disease into the city that is making people get sick rapidly. The only cure was to go to their friendly local vertigo dealer if they wanted to get better. That means taking drugs to get better. The Count went so far as to abduct the DA so they could hold the use over his head. The mystery of how the disease or should I call it severe withdrawal spread was the real question. No one makes my Diggle and gets away with it and clearly Oliver feels the same. Felicity was able to uncover that Diggle got his first addicting dose of vertigo when he went to get her flu shot. Unfortunately, that also left her within the grasp of The Count.

Thea, Oliver and Roy and Moira's trial

Thea, Oliver and Roy and Moira’s trial

The other major front of the episode was Moira Queen’s trial. It was clear that the DA was holding something up his sleeve and even laurel was kept in the dark. He seems absolutely determined to destroy Moira, but his motivation isn’t entirely clear. Sure, he could be just trial to win the trial of his career, but I get the feeling there is something else going on. As for the actual trial, there was a rushed feeling to it. Maybe it was because it was juxtaposed against the frenetic plot surrounding The Count’s plot.

It was nice finally getting to see Laurel do something well, even if that meant trying Moira. For once, I actually felt for Laurel. She played conflicted very well and maybe that should be a position she is placed in more frequently. Laurel may have lost the case, but that meant Moira gets to live. I’ll be honest I was a bit surprised that she was found not guilty on the count of conspiracy. Even Oliver was surprised that his mother was acquitted and that says something. It wasn’t without Merlyn’s help.

The flashbacks gave us more of Dr. Ibo as he uses Oliver to get what he wants, which is destroying Oliver’s friends. Thankfully, Oliver’s island friends are far more crafty than Dr. Ibo gives them credit for. That gave them the opportunity to save Oliver and flee.

Oh also, so much for Oliver not killing. But when it comes to the lives of the people he cares about it is clear that he is willing to cross that line.

What did you think of the episode?

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