The Tomorrow People – Limbo

Cara and Russell go after the criminal

Cara and Russell go after the criminal

For the first time we saw a truly bad tomorrow person. This guy was a rapist who used his powers as a tomorrow person to catch women. With an actual bad guy on the loose, both the tomorrow people and Ultra are going after this bad guy. The difference is why they are hunting them down. For the tomorrow people they simply want another bad guy off the streets, in fact, they want Ultra to find him and do what Ultra does best. While trying to attack the next victim, the tomorrow people interfere. He mentions something about the blessed ones which makes everyone believe he is just nutty(or maybe that was just my thought).

We jump right in where we left off with Stephen and Cara running off, but Cara is acting odd. She admitted that her night with Stephen was an escape, but Stephen pushed. He has clearly never learned the golden rule, never push a girl when she says it as a mistake. You will lose every time. Cara is truly in love with John and her mistake was enough to break her.

Astrid is handling Stephen’s secret pretty well. In fact, she finds his abilities amusing and intriguing. She is a bit of an enabler when she encourages him to use his powers to his advantage. In fact, Astrid is using Stephen’s new abilities to sate her curiosity and adventurous side.

Stephen talks to John and Cara

Stephen talks to John and Cara

Stephen must have become a stud muffin all of a sudden. Astrid was making subtle moves and the girl at the party pretty much jumped down his pants. Astrid’s jealousy makes complete sense. It was a true betrayal of her trust when he read her mind as she was admitting that she loved him. Anyone could have seen it a mile away so it was surprising that Stephen didn’t seem to understand.

For the first time this season, I really hated all of the tomorrow people as a collective. Stephen has helped them numerous times since his arrival, yet now that he doesn’t have his powers thanks to Jed’s suppression cuff, he is considered dead weight. Cara and John are particularly cold, but they have their own reasons.

This sticky love triangle square going on between John, Cara, Stephen and Astrid is messy. Now Astrid doesn’t stand much of a chance, but a long as John is in the picture and Cara still loves him, Astrid has her chance.

What did you think of the episode?

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