Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – Who’s Alice

Alice meets her step sister

Alice meets her step sister

Jafar took things a bit further when he jumped from Wonderland back to our world to torment the people who know Alice best. I’m guessing he learned everything we did in the flashbacks and maybe a bit more.

Cyrus has finally escaped and he isn’t holding back when it comes to using his magic to find Alice. Cyrus’s story line pretty much involved him running from Jafar’s guards. It wasn’t very interesting. He had a few unique misdirections and cool tricks, but it still wasn’t very interesting. It was far better than seeing him be miserable in a massive birdcage. He did realize he was trapped on a floating island only to make the jump.

On her own, Alice proves to be fierce and capable of handling herself. Again. It is slightly upsetting to see Alice again and again prove herself. She seems capable of three things, being fierce, being cunning, and loving Cyrus. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about anything alse that dries her. When we were presented the flashback of her returning from Wonderland the first time, I was stunned by her reaction. She bursts through a hole to home and stumbles upon her father, who she hasn’t seen in years. Instead of being overjoyed by seeing her father, she thinks only of Cyrus and her pain because of her loss. I suppose I can add selfish to her personal traits.

Alice storms out of on Darcy

Alice storms out of on Darcy

The flashbacks gave us a look into Alice’s past. Her father’s requests are not unreasonable. Alice has traveled to Wonderland, a place no one has ever known, and she seems to expect her father to understand. At the same time, it is understandable that forgetting something she knows to be real is also a very pricey thing to ask of her. It is a difficult situation for all. it is only mae more difficult when her step mother pushes her into courting a young Mr. Darcy.

Alice’s trip into the darkness leads her into the light where she meets the Carpenter. But no sooner does she arrive there, that she slowly starts to forget what her goal is as the purple plants let out their trance inducing drugs. Somehow, Will managed to find Alice who was already completely out of her mind. Will isn’t quite so delusional and recognizes what is going on. All the people in the forest are immobile, forgotten who they are and are part of the trees exuding this strange drug. Will finally convinces her to leave by reminding her of Cyrus. And in the process reveals that he never put his heart back in after Alice helped him retrieve it. It would hurt too much to relive Anastasia’s betrayal.

What did you think of the episode?

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