Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – The Day of the Doctor


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I watched the episode amidst over a thousand people at Austin Comic Con. We are immediately treated to the pairing of the Doctor and Clara for another great adventure.

The episode doesn’t hold back as The TARDIS is hellicarried to help under orders of the queen. We get a taste of Time Lord art which is an oil painting in 3D. Through his recollection we saw an exciting sequence from the last day of the Time War. The sequence was well paced with plenty of the dales eerie voices to raise the threat even higher. No more.

John Hurt’s depiction of the Doctor during the Time War was wonderful. The Doctor stole The Moment the most powerful weapon in the galaxy which has grown a conscience. The moments interface that’s the form of Billie Piper, but she isn’t the Rose Tyler we remember. In fact, she is bad wolf with glowing eyes. It ties everything nicely together. Rose brought a few laughs to the screen as she taunted the Doctor before she lays on the guilt.

We got to see a brief adventure of David Tennant ‘s Tenth Doctor with Elizabeth the first. We got the same quirky Doctor from his tenure. As always he makes mistakes, like thinking Elizabeth was a shapes shifter when she asked him to marry her. He’s going to be king. His one sided argument with the bunny was also a fun moment.

Matt Smith was adorable and fast paced as ever. His pausing in the undervault to put on the fez was perfect. There is a likeability and a severity Matt Smith brings to the character that will be missed. Smith calling Tennant skinny was hilarious. They compared their sonic screwdrivers and proceeded to share some characteristics and started bonding. Together they had wonderful comedic timing and matched mannerisms.

The episode really took off when we had all three doctors together. Clearly through his regenerations he’s become a bit off his rocker. The original Doctor again and again calls them out on their quirks. All of them played well off each other.

Clara was tenacious as always and took matters into her own hands when she stole the time travel device. And she found the Doctor revealing that the door was never locked. Clara is repeatedly able to prove herself capable even when the doctor isn’t around. I’m looking forward to seeing her character grow.

The plot in the current day followed a world domination attempt by the Zygons. Which was nicely juxtaposed to the original Doctor’s struggle with his decision to blow up Gallifrey to end the Time War. It was one of Doctor Who’s strongest plots in recent history.

The Doctor.  Never cruel or cowardly.  Never give up. Never give in.

The Doctor can save the day. With the three of them they can rewrite history and still save Gallifrey while ending the war. Freezing Gallifrey in time and sending them to a pocket universe saved them all. He saved Gallifrey even if he’ll never remember. We know that the time lords live on.

Other nice touches included the addition of the fourth Doctor’s scarf. It was also nice seeing the old TARDIS. The clips of all the doctors including the Twelfth Doctor was thrilling and send roars through the hall. There was a lot of fan service, but a solid episode was delivered.

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