Almost Human – Are You Receiving?

Kennex fixes Dorian

We start with a nice look into how the prosthetic limbs work in the world of Almost Human. Apparently a little bit of olive oil is all it takes to silence a creaky leg. Seeing these little glimpses of his day to day life is nice. By the end of the episode we learn that Kennex truly does care about Dorian in his own twisted way. No one esses with his personal coffee warmer.

The dynamic between Kennex and Dorian continues to build in their little drives. We learn that Kennex likes his coffee at 165 and tends to be late. While Dorian gets a bit testy if his partner decides to pick him up late and denies that Dorian gave Kennex the olive oil suggestion.

We are immediately thrown into the conflict when a guard is killed and the beginning of a heist is in the progress. Thieves aren’t just out to take, but they take hostages as well. These are men willing to hurt others to get what they want. Blowing a massive hole vertically through the building and shooting a man, then throwing his body out of the 25th floor window was not beneath them. The big threat was a fissure ignitor, capable of a megaton explosion. Needless to say, this is all bad news for the hostages.

The tension was well done in this episode. Nearly every segment of the show featured a different twist to make a generally dull hostage storyline more interesting. As Kennex goes against orders and we learn who the men doing the heist really are we get a sense that these men will do anything to get their way including kill their own. Only, Dorian discovers that the men aren’t the crazy radicals they are pretending to be, but two bit criminals with petty records. They are after something big.

John and Dorian ascend to the hostages

John and Dorian ascend to the hostages

This is the first time Dorian has to rely on Kennex and it is funny to see how full of dread he is with Kennex fixing him. And with good reason, considering the way Kennex fixed him, but it worked and Dorian was only out of commission for a short amount of time. had Dorian been a person, He would have died from the ricochet he took to the head. It is interesting to see how quick Kennex is with accepting Dorian. Sure they have issues, but he still relies so heavily on Dorian it’s clear this is more than just a forced relationship already

The show still suffers from lackluster periphery characters. This includes some of the main cast who haven’t been flesh out much at all. the criminals of the week are even weaker. We know nothing of these men and we don’t learn anything about them as the episode progresses. The show will really begin to find it’s legs when it explores it’s mythology and goes from episodic to mythology.

What did you think of the episode?

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