Sleepy Hollow – Sanctuary

Abbie and Ichabod free Lena from the roots

Abbie and Ichabod free Lena from the roots

Thanksgiving happens in the world of Sleepy Hollow, allowing Ichabod the chance to complain, yet again about being alone. We get that he misses his wife, but there is no chemistry between Crane and Katrina. The writer’s seem to know this because we keep getting hit over the head with proclamations of how much he cares for her.

Ichabod and Abbie travel to a hell house where Lena Gilbert, a billionaire heiress and descendant of Lachlin Fredericks, went missing. Trapped inside, where the heiress’s bodygard sat dead and mutilated in a chair. Clues from Ichabod’s past were left by Katrina in her favorite book as though for him to find. Every hallway lead to a memory for Ichabod to unveil.

While Ichabod was seeing his own memories, Abbie was following around the shadow of  the house matron, Grace, who lived with Lachlin Fredericks. Through her curiosity, she was eventually led to a vision of what happened to Katrina on her return visit. A visit where Katrina gave birth to a baby boy with the assistance of Grace. A bomb she drops on Ichabod only to stun him by the fact that upon his son’s birth an attack was sent on him. The discovery that he had a son was enough to drive him back into the house with the root monster to destroy it. The attack may have been to hundred plus years in the past, and he ma never have known about his sone, he was willing to risk his live to take out the root monster. It was nice to see a more passion driven and action taking Ichabod than we have seen thus far. We now know that when he is pushed, he is a force to be recokoned with. We also learned that Abbie is the descendant of Grace.

Ichabod and Katrina arrive at the Fredericks estate

Ichabod and Katrina arrive at the Fredericks estate

This week we took a step even further into the crazy as the creature trapping Mal Fredericks, encased her in blood bleeding roots in a closet. Ichabod was able to deduce that Lachlin was likely a warlock in the same coven as Katrina, explaining why Katrina fled to the Fredericks refuge after Ichabod’s death. The root monster killed Lachlin, and who knows how many others, all started because of the birth of Ichabod’s son.

The dynamic between Jenny and Captain Irving was entertaining. Jenny is able to steal the scene in their interactions. We are finally getting to see another side other than the craziness and kickassery. She seems to have a crush on the Captain after their little bonding outing. She even asks him to a Thanksgiving dinner, catered by her to thank them all. But the stops a quickly thrown up when Captain Irving’s ex-wife emerges with his daughter, Macy. It was interesting seeing Captain Irving’s dynamic with his family. The fact that his family hadn’t been mentioned until now, proves his Ex’s point of not being their for his daughter enough. Jenny had a moment with Macy assuring her that her father isn’t all bad.

What did you think of the episode?

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