Agents of SHIELD – Repairs

Coulson and Hannah

Coulson and Hannah

This week we are treated to a young girl with powers. Yes, I said it. This week is our first person with powers. Hannah Hutchens is a telekinetic. People have died under her watch and it stress her out. Unfortunately, that seem stress seems to trigger her power and since she can’t control it she is a danger to others. May doesn’t have time to baby Hannah and immediately shoots her with a taser after Hannah almost hit a man with a car.

Hannah believes that all the terrible things happening around her are because god doesn’t love her anymore and a demon is hunting her. They believed the likely cause was the explosion that she was in gave her some sort of telekinetic power. However, her claims of being haunted by a demon was somewhat true. After a man attacks Simmons, we see that there really was a man haunting Hannah capable of dematerializing.

Turns out the lab Hannah worked at was really inspired by Thor’s cross-world portals and were attempting to recreate them. In one great blast, they did what they sought out to do. It was someone she knew, Tobias, one of the men who was stuck in the blast. All the accidents were never Hannah’s fault, but his. They team realized that Tobias was trying to protect her. Luckily, May realized this as well and after a lesson of letting go he faded for good this time.

May sedates Hannah

May sedates Hannah

I still find the pairing of Ward and May odd. They are definitely not the expected pairing. Most people thought Ward would end up with Skye, but he went for an older woman and it seemed to work well. She isn’t around to baby Ward or be a caring lover. She used him because she had needs at that moment and noting more. As soon as their time was over she moved on and was back in the game.

The little plot line of FitzSimmons wanting to play a prank on Skye because she is the freshman on the team was an interesting way to convey information about May. They blew through school so quickly that they were never really freshman, meaning she never had a prank played on them or executed one on someone else. They told their rendition of May’s story, claiming she rode in on a hose with two guns to take out over 100 heavily armed men. That’s why they call her the cavalry. Even Ward chimed in on why May had her nickname. He debunked FitzSimmons and claimed May took out 20 trained assassins with a single gun to save her team. Ward did make note that May hated the nickname because she wasn’t in it for the glory; she was just doing her job. Turns out, Coulson was on the mission with May. She went in without a weapon to save a girl and a fellow agent, but when she came out the fun loving persons he once was, was gone.

Ultimately it was an effective way to tell May’s story. Some mystery remains as to what actually happened to May but we don’t need to know. We learned what was necessary, that she isn’t the same person she once was.

Another thing this show has been doing better than some shows, is really making the one off characters compelling and interesting to watch. They aren’t just a one and done character that don’t have realistic motivations. They feel like real people in this world. Though we are reaching a point where I’m beginning to question if there are going to be recurring antagonists.

What did you think of the episode?

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