Roundup November 2013

It is the end of the month. I had a whole bunch of NaNoWriMo posts and expect one more once the whole shebang is totally over. For anyone still cramming in their last words, the best of luck.

Despite all the writing madness, November was a dreadfully busy month. There were shows to review, movies to watch, conventions to attend, and holidays to enjoy. Overall, it made for a wonderful month, but I would be foolish to say it was a calm and relaxing month. But it has come to an end and I hope everyone enjoyed November 2013 as much as I did. Now, without any further jibber jabber I will kick off the rundown.

Movie Reviews

Ender’s Game

Thor: The Dark World

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

TV Reviews

Agents of Shield
The Hub
The Well

Almost Human
Are You Receiving?

American Horror Story
Burn, Witch. Burn!
The Axeman Cometh
The Dead

League of Assassins
Keep Your Enemies Closer
State v. McQueen

Doctor Who
The Day of the Doctor

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
The Serpent
Heart of Stone
Who’s Alice?

Sleepy Hollow
Sin Eaters
The Midnight Ride

The Originals
Fruit of the Poisoned Trees
The River in Reverse

The Tomorrow People
All Tomorrow’s Parties
Sorry For Your Loss


Advice/ Encouragement
Getting Started
Cohesive Story
The Slog
Just a Little Bit More
The End is Nigh

Week 1 – Excerpt from Novel 1
Week 2 – Excerpt from Novel 1
Week 3 – Excerpt from Novel 1
Week 4 – Excerpt from Novel 2
Week 5 – Excerpt from Novel 2

Other Stuff

About Persevering
About Libraries
About Marvel TV
About British TV in the US
About Exhaustion and Creativity
About Young Adult (YA) Phenomenon
About Series of All Flavors

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