Almost Human – The Bends

Rudy dressing for his undercover mission

Rudy dressing for his undercover mission

This week Kennex and Dorian investigate what seems like a dirty cop, but our glimpse of his interaction with the dealers didn’t seem right. Turns out he was a cop who went against orders and went undercover to ascertain answers. Too bad, it got him killed, but in honor of his wife left behind Kennex wants to avenge him. It turned out that they were in the same police class together and the only one to surpass Kennex in anything. It leaves Kennex with the urge to save him.

Kennex is not opposed to bending the rules. Rather than focusing all his efforts on simply getting the drug off the streets, he’s determined to help finish off the mission his friend started. This means if he needs to release a criminal to get someone else to agree to do his bidding, he will. Kennex is more likely to act first and deal with the consequences later. We haven’t seen this backfire yet, but it has to be coming.

In many ways, it makes perfect sense that Dorian was the one to go in after Rudy. Not just because he’s the only one who could pass by the dealers without being outed as a cop. He went in because he seems to be the one who cares the most about Rudy’s well being over the mission I’m not saying the others are heartless, well maybe Detective Paul, I am saying that the mission means a lot more to them. Dorian is in there to make sure that Rudy gets out safe, not that the mission is completed. Although he did fail when he let Rudy slip out of the building under his watch.

The team goes in for Rudy

The team goes in for Rudy

The drug at hand is extremely dangerous and as seen by the green veins of the id who ODed. Kennex’s plan is to have Rudy go undercover with the drug lord. It was a great way to get the rest of the cast involved with the story. It was also really great to see Mackenzie Crook get the chance to shine. As Rudy, he is engaging, smart, and eager. It is that eagerness that makes him endearing and hilarious. Rudy’s uncertainty as he walked into a situation far out of his job description upped the tension effectively. You want to now that Rudy is going to come out of it okay.

The tech really shined this week. Especially the nifty screen display on a man’s hand. The show is really good at making the tech feel fresh and futuristic, without jarring us too far from our current reality. it is different, but not unbelievably so. This nice touches make the world feel more real and less like it is some unattainable existence. In many ways, this is the way Almost Human feels the most like Fringe.

What did you think of the episode?

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