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This is not a review, just my thoughts on a console that has been previously reviewed by a bunch of far more qualified venues. As the average person, I just wanted to weigh in on my thoughts. Let’s start with this. I am a gamer. I’m not talking in the petty sense that the word seems to be bandied about nowadays. Yes, I play mobile games. Injustice mobile is my main addiction (speaking of I need to finish the Elseworld Flash challenge). That isn’t what makes me a gamer, it’s my obsession with the other games. The ones that have campaigns that are at least three hours long and leave me yearning for more. I play games like Injustice: The Gods Among Us, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, inFamous. I love these games. I am a gamer and if that makes you dislike me so be it. Maybe I’ll talk about being a gamer and what it means to me in another post. This post is about the PS4.

I’ve had my PS4 for almost 3 weeks now. I was one of the horde who rushed out and preordered the console. Standing out in a line when I could ensure I would have the console just didn’t make any sense to me. Anyway, 3 weeks in an I love the console to pieces. It’s small, it has nifty hidden power and eject buttons and most importantly it works well. The ability to tell my console to download an app when I’m no where near it is wonderful. I can get home and just start playing. The multitasking on the console is really great all around. I can watch Hulu or Netflix, while a game downloads. It will actually download too. I remember with my PS3, I could order a download to run in the background and even close out of the store, but running anything else whether a game or just a streaming service was out of the question. Now they are all called apps (like everything else these days) and they will run concurrently. I’ve even opened a digital only game on top of a disc game, both will continue to run and I never hear the spinning wheels of overheating.

In fact, the entire console is silent. The PS3 was pretty quiet, especially compared to the jet engine that was the XBox360. I could hear that console turn on from upstairs sometimes. The PS4 takes the relative quietness of the PS3 and ups it. When it is on it is almost inaudible. I’ve had to get up and check to make sure the little blue on light was running. Another nice feature is the console now has a standby mode. I can place the console in standby so it isn’t consuming as much energy (though I don’t really know what the energy difference is). In standby I can still have the console download too.

PS4's controller, the Dualshock 4

PS4’s controller, the Dualshock 4

The controller is a godsend. I was not one of the masses that hated the Dualshock3. I have small hands so it never felt out of place. Plus the parallel thumbsticks actually work better for my hands. It felt comfortable, but even I had a few gripes, like how it became slick after playing for a while or that the triggers required a bit too much force. That all changed with the introduction of Dualshock4. It is a controller sent from the heavens. Despite the previous size of the controller feeling good in my hands, the new iteration feels even better. The extended hand’s provide more support for the hand and the matted back takes away the slickness. My hands also didn’t end up a warm damp disaster like they used to after playing for a few hours in a row. When I went to pick up my PS3 last night to play an old game for a bit, I elected to sit with the Dualshock4 plugged in to the PS3, rather than sit in comfort and use the Dualshock3. In case you didn’t know, yes, you can use the Dualshock4 on the PS4.

The graphics on the console really are wonderful. I don’t know the full extent of the difference as I have yet to play the same game on the PS3 and the PS4, but my glimpses of games are looking much better. There is a subtle difference, that some people might not notice. It is like the difference between high quality standard definition and HD. The difference is there, but some people can tune it out.

I don’t have much to say yet on the social interaction bit on the console yet. So far it is nice. The way that you can interact with other friends and players has improved since PS3. Sending messages is easier. One of the best things is the rarity ranking that now appears beside trophies. It’s nice to see just how many users have the trophy you just received. It makes it more interesting and considering my obsession with trophies it makes it more fun too.

There is so much more I could say about the console, but I don’t want to prattle on all day. If you have any questions about the console, let me know. I’d love to answer in the comments. While, I don’t own an XBoxOne, I do have access to one. I’ll get to my thoughts on that console soon enough.

Are you going to be getting a PS4? If you have one, what are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “About Thoughts on PS4

  1. I’m curious about how powerful the processor and internet hardware is. Considering how many titles are being released on an MMO platform, and a bit more stringent yet a First or Third person shooter on top of that.

    I’m sure that it can, but I wonder how well it handles on line play, matchmaking and straightening out ping between players. Less host induced lag would be nice, and if the PS4 can stabilize that (especially considering how imperative it is for MMO play) I’d be even more excited than I am for it now.

    P.S. Check out Warframe free to play… which translates out to an infamous pay to win. But I’m curious about what you’d think about it.

    • I can let you know. The only mmo I currently play is DCUO and I haven’t played since the first week of having the console. Now, that Europe has their hands on it too, I could check it out. When I did play, it was a bit more fluid than when playing on the PS3, but I didn’t do any benchmarking.

      I’ll check Warframe soon.

      • I completely forgot you actually play video games honestly. I’ll have to add you. Hopefully before I forget.

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