American Horror Story: Coven – The Sacred Taking


Queenie attacks te man with a dark heart

Queenie wastes no time, being Marie Laveau’s personal assistant. Her first task is to fetch a dark heart and she takes it from a man who apparently raped little girls. That certainly qualified as dark and reinforced her idea that the girls of her old coven have no idea of what is going on.

Maybe it’s because Fiona is dying that she crawled back into bed with the axeman. Maybe she has nothing left to lose as she figures out who she needs to kill next. She’s clearly in great pain and things are growing strange for her. Which makes it easy for the other women of the coven to mess with her head and push he to suicide.

Cordelia is a cold hard bitch now. The sight has forced her to face the realities she always suspected. After losing Queenie, she isn’t going to lose anyone else. In many ways, she is acting more like her mother. Her sight clues her into truths most do not notice. It allows her to see the truth in Misty’s pleas for safe haven after she was attacked. Cordelia allows Misty the protection of the coven and learns Myrtle Snow has ressurrected. Cordelia isn’t deluded about the importance of the Supreme and the responsibility that woman bares. In order to protect whoever may be the next Supreme needs to be protected and the Sacred Taking must be performed. Unfortunately, the ritual requires Fiona to kill herself.


Madison messes with Fiona’s head

The series of events that drove Fiona mad and irritated was amusing. Madison first jumps in claiming she resurrected herself and that it would be best if Fiona just offed herself. Fiona hardly had time to pull out her suitcase to run when Myrtle appeared. There were some neat tricks making it seem like Myrtle was moving around the room as Fiona frantically packed. Even worse, she made Fiona imagine how her death may play out and the Axeman’s growing betrayal. It works. Fiona takes the pills.

But it is Spaulding’s encouragement from beyond the grave, willing her to live that makes her change her mind. Instead of doing something for the coven, she goes back to her own selfish ways. Fiona wastes no time to go after Misty. Fiona is still needed as the people who shot down the religous zealot of a neighbor is a witch hunter. We know that it is Cordelia’s husband and get to watch the coven figure it out.

Cordelia and Fiona

Cordelia and Fiona talk

It is still strange to see Kyle and Madison going at it right in front of Zoe as they share him. it was only one brief moment, but there is clearly some tension Zoe is feeling. In a touching moment, Kyle admitted to Zoe with his words that he loved her. We promptly saw Madison crying over losing Kyle, the one person who made her feel since her death. The question is what is Madison going to do next.

The what’s in the box moment at the end of the episode was great. Yes, it was LaLaurie’s head, still alive.

What did you think of the episode?

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