Arrow – The Scientist

Barry Allen

Barry Allen meets Felicity

As the title of the episode implies, this episode introduced the scientist, aka Barry Allen. Grant Gustin presents Barry as both young and likable. He is introduced as a young cop sent to further investigate the robbery at Queen Consolidated. He is just a simple CSI from Central City, but he is smart and eager. He has a lot of energy, but he certainly comes off as youthful if that’s what they were going for. His obsession with The Hood comes off as almost childlike. The comment about him not being good on his feet was perfect.

Oliver outed Barry as not being an actual CSI, but an assistant. His story of how his mother died and the innocence of his father in her death was sad. It was unfortunate that he could lie so easily, but it also added necessary depth about a chipper character. The most shocking part was that whoever killed his mother was a speedster that left him two blocks away from the crime. No one believed him and now he investigates any of these events.

It was nice seeing Felicity immediately relate to Barry. Almost instantly, you can see the tension Oliver shows. Oliver and Felicity have had some moments, but nothing has been done. You can tell that he doesn’t like Felicity slipping out of his grasp. The banter between Felicity and Barry was entertaining, even if he did dominate the conversations. As they moved closer together it seemed natural. I liked that Felicity was the one who took the first move and shot down that she was with Oliver.

Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, & Quentin

The group go to the site of the robbery

The flashbacks elaborated on Oliver’s background knowledge of the situation. The parts being stolen are necessary to make the serum that was on the island. Shado notices the familiarity between Oliver and Sarah and doesn’t hesitate to remind him that he was supposed to be in love with Laurel. It was good to call him out on his hypocrisy, but it was likely a tough situation. He did cheat on Laurel with Sarah and started to fall for Shado. In many ways, Shado deserves to be a bit annoyed by how easily his affections sway. As for Slade, his injuries are devastating and eerie to look at knowing that he will one day become Deathstroke. it is an interesting take that he isn’t just wearing a mask as car as this show is concerned, but his face has been permanently altered.

It wasn’t hard to realize that this was a Brother Blood case. He is the one trying to re-engineer the serum to create people with superior strength, that Dr. Ibo previously sought on the island. Only the strong are suitable to have an injection of the serum. Watching Slade get the injection of the serum because it was the only thing that could possibly help him was painful as he writhed in pain.

Isabel had some wonderful points about Oliver bringing Moira right back in to be in charge of Queen Consolidated. She may have been acquitted, but Moira is not in the public’s favor. That includes people who can invest in the business. Despite this, Isabel still showed her support of Moira, even if she didn’t believe it was the right thing to do. Moira isn’t falling for Isabel’s caring act and seems to attack Isabel unprovoked. While those familiar with her character from the comments and those who note her cold behavior may see it as justified. However, Isabel is acting a a shrewd businesswoman, making Moira seem a bit catty to one of few how would support her.

Then again, Moira is a cunning woman. Rather than listening to Malcolm’s commands for Moira to tell Thea he is her father. I’m not sure we’ll ever see what sick plans he had for her. Instead, Moira used the little things that Malcolm let slip to her advantage. Somehow, she was able to link Nanda Parbat with Ra’s Al Ghul without knowing who he was previously. Ra’s is not pleased with Malcolm’s sneaky return and wants to kill Malcolm himself. It is nice to finally have Ra’s name officially in the mix.

What did you think of the episode?

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