The Tomorrow People – Thanatos

Jed and The Founder

Jed and The Founder

It is nice to see a different side to Jed. Despite his anger and apparent hatred, he has regrets for what he did to John. The nightmares haunt him. And to reinforce his web of contradictions he is in love with a woman that is one of the tomorrow people. He hides her. Jed is again proving to be one of the most interesting characters on the show. he loved John, but had an odd way of showing it.

The Tomorrow attempt to execute a plan, although they never seem to go right. They way they tried to fix things was to capture Jed. Considering he has people working for him at ultra, it isn’t the smartest move by the tomorrow people. At least some of them realize this is a bad idea. They are going after a major organization, risking their personal safety, for a clue that they don’t know what it actually leads to. Their entire hostage situation was rather pathetic. Russell fell from Jed’s fake choking bit and nearly got himself killed, forcing Cara to reveal her powers. This made the situation go from bad to worse as they now know Stephen never injected her. John had to take care of it and that resulted in his capture by ultra.

Jed makes it clear that John’s ability to kill isn’t the only thing that his enhancements changed about him. Killing was just the tip of the surface. The flashbacks reveal Jed and John’s interactions immediately after he finished his treatments. he pushes john to do things he isn’t certain of, but John still complies. When he’s given the orders to kill Jed’s brother and his mentor, he followed his orders.

Thanatos is a nickname of Aldous Crick, who worked with Jed and Stephen’s father on experiments. Dr. Death is another nickname. The tomorrow people go after him, with Irene tagging along because she is the only one who could possibly understand. By speaking to Crick, we learn that Jed once taught molecular biology before he joined forces with Crick and his brother. The key seemed to be Stephen and is father’s unique ability to stop time.

John, Stephen, and Irene

John, Stephen, and Irene seek out Dr. Death

This was the first time we got to see how nifty Ultra actually is. They are responding quickly to Jed’s disappearance by employing what they call the brain trust. The brain trust is a group of tomorrow people who specialize in telepathy. Not only that, but their abilities are then advanced in order scann the city telepathically for Jed’s personal frequency. It is pretty nifty, if not eerie to see these deadpan emotionless tomorrow people. When one of the tomorrow doesn’t give The Founder the answer he wants when questioned about the speed of the search, the founder kills him without hesitation. Since he is also a tomorrow person, he plugs himself in to the system in place of the dead man. He knows how to scare.

As the weeks are going on, I’m starting to like Cara less and less. In order for her to find out about Thanatos, anything that the she can use to stall is fair game. Even if that means ratting out another tomorrow person to buy time. Unfortuntely for her, the person she gave up was the woman Jed loves and that is certain to spark an even rougher rivalry. Even if she wasn’t captured, she’s now on Ultra’s radar and Jed won’t be able to hid her.

What did you think of the episode?

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