Once Upon A Time in Wonderland – Bad Blood

Alice and Will

Alice and Will hear the screech of the dragon

We returned to Jafar’s past as we watch a young Jafar having his final conversation with his mother as she died. It is the moment he learns that the Sultan is his father. Since we already knew that it wasn’t a surprise that we learned of it. The sultan views Jafar as nothing. He is but a mistake in his past, but because there is blood, he allows Jafar to be a servant to the Sultan. The Sultan encourages his true heir to slap Jafar and put him in his place. Oh and turns out that old man encouraging Cyrus was the Sultan and Jafar’s father.

In Alice’s father’s time, Jafar brings him into Wonderland. Rightly so, Alice’s father, Edwin, is stunned by where he is and feeling guilty for calling Alice a liar. There’s also the issue of now that he’s in Wonderland as Jafar’s captive. Jafar has him in his grips and stumbles out of the woods to find a thoroughly stunned Alice. I would have hoped Edwin had a stronger will, but he caved so easily under his wife’s control.

It was great to finally see Alice come out with her feelings. She doesn’t hold back to Edwin, when she expressed how he made her feel. Her own father refused to believe in her when she needed it most and now he has to prove himself. He dug himself into a hole by not supporting his daughter. If Edwin hadn’t been doing Jafar’s bidding, he might have actually reacted genuinely to Alice’s expression of feelings. Despite speaking her truth and writing him off in the process, she still doubts her decision. She loved her father and doesn’t seem the type to hold her grudge forever. She will forgive him, but he needs to prove himself worthy. Finally hearing her real rather’s apology was enough to forgive him. That was one of the most powerful moments this show has had all season. He gave Alice more hope as he revealed that Cyrus had escaped his imprisonment and it resulted in him plummeting to his death. Thankfully, Alice had her wishes and asked for his return home, which spared his life. She loved him and she doesn’t regret saving him, but realizes instantly that her safety net of wishes is dwindling. Unfortunately wishes always have a catch; for Edwin his time in Wonderland was just a dream

Will and Edwin

Will and Edwin discuss Alice

Will got in on the action and made it clear where he stood in the place. Edwin hurting Alice is out of the question. If Edwin wishes to ingratiate himself to Alice he will need to do everything to help get Alice what she truly wants. It is no longer his approval, support, or love, but the desire to get to Cyrus. It almost wasn’t a surprise due to his blase reaction that it was Jafar imitating Edwin. Instead, the real Edwin was imprisoned in Cyrus’ old cell where he learns that the Cyrus Alice always spoke of was very real.

Alice is inventive like always and crafts a plan to use the birdbark tree to craft a way for them to get up to the floating island. While that plan never took off, she realized that her father was being impersonated. Personal ticks can only be imitated by people who truly know each other. In the case of Edwin, he always said a prayer before he so much as had a piece of fruit for a snack, a tick Jafar did not know.

Again the graphics in the episode are absolutely terrible. Watching characters walk on the twisted falsely animated roads of Wonderland has never looked good. The dragon that came after them looked even worse. Flying from Jafar’s floating island also looked terrible. IT is understandable that there are a lot of things that just can’t be done, but things can be done to limit these situations if the necessary budget isn’t there. The

What did you think of the episode?

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