Sleepy Hollow – The Golem

Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry

Ichabod, Abbie, and enry discover the dead coven member

The Sin Eater is back! Truthfully, any time I get to see John Noble on screen it is a total joy. He brings an intensity to Henry that is enthralling. He steals the scenes he is in, commanding total attention. This time he opens a portal to the other realm allowing Ichabod to reach out to Katrina in order to learn more of his son, Jeremy. I wish Henry was used more than he had been, but I’ll take anything I can get.

Katrina’s tale recounts much of what we already knew, only with Katrina’s point of view. We did learn that she gave him a way so he wouldn’t live a life on the run. Again it was Abbie’s ancestors who took care and raised Jeremy. We also learned that Katrina is entrapped by a witch of her own coven. The four who speak as one. Jeremy inherited Katrina’s powers and the ability to start fires with his mind, before he was shipped of to a orphan home. His abilities didn’t stop their as he manifested a champion made from a doll to seek it’s revenge. This champion is now out to kill all the woman of the coven that kept Jeremy from his mother.

Ichabod’s journey to find his son, his offspring leads him to the revelation that he may have 6000 offspring at this point. Even more intriguing is their quest to figure out how they are all connected. I’m not entirely sure how if Jeremy killed Abbie’s ancestors in the fire, how they are still her ancestors.

As for the dynamic between Ichabod and Abbie, it is still strong. Abbie laughing off Ichabod calling attention to the fact that there are traditions involved with him standing under mistletoe seemed perfect. Recently, I’ve been missing the alone and none work related moments the two have been sharing. The past few episodes have had little of this, but I hope to see more. As a team they are highly effective, working together they are t their best. Abbie was right to be hesitant to let Ichabod go in to see the four who speak as one. it was a bit of a down to learn that Moloch says Ichabod will deliver Abbie’s soul to him. The only way I see that happening is if it were the only for him to be reunited with his family, even then I’m not sure Ichabod oould go through with that.

Abbie Mills

Abbie discovers the box of artifacts

The four who speak as one are a creepy bunch as they pass their dialogue between each other. Sure it was to be expected with a name like theirs it was to be expected. it was a nice moment one of them inhaled her smoke, but another blew it out. But Ichabod’s time with them revealed much more, including that the four trapped Jeremy in a box and hexed him to stop breathing. I would not be surprised if the hex to stop Jeremy’s heart was merely to stop it rather than to kill him permanently.

It was nice seeing that the visit Frank’s family made in the last episode is playing an impact. As the only intact family on the show, and intact is a loose interpretaton, but they all are alive, it is a nice relief on a show filled with missing family members. I’m glad Frank is taking the initiative to be more involved with his family. The tension between the Irving is palpable, yet it isn’t overstated. I hope that these two characters don’t just disappear, but serve as a solid ground. That said, I don’t think they should be brought into the chaos of the supernatural unless it makes sense for a story arc. Amandla Stenberg is a delight on screen along side Orlando Jones.

Ichabod left us with this nice quote: Without books we have neither a past or a future.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow – The Golem

  1. I also think that Jeremy’s heart is “stopped” but that they will bring him back. They’ll drag it out though… next season someone will find out there “might be a way!” and everyone will rush into action! John Noble and the Irvings were the highlights tonight for sure.

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