Agents of SHIELD – The Bridge

Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson takes on the centipede soldier

Centipede is back in action. More importantly Mike Peterson is back and had been training to be a SHIELD agent. J. August Richards is always a lovely addition to the cast. It was a nice line when he noted that he tried to beat Captain America’s time when it came to pushing a bulldozer across a football field. He is adept, but he is also unwanted on the team. He has valuable insight about the centipede program and has been trying to overcome the odds, but of all the additions to the team, he is the most interesting. There aren’t secrets with him, but he is driven and capable of holding one’s attention when he’s on the screen.

With the return of centipede we also saw the return of the cold bitch Raina. With their extremis serum stabilized, they now have three men executing missions for them. The only problem is using their strength is draining. Raina and her partner, Edison, are now readying themselves for phase three which will involve the clairvoyant. Raina crossed a line when she went to see Mike’s son. But it upped the stakes when she informed Mike that his son would be killed if he didn’t give Coulson to them. Coulson wasn’t even mad when he found out what Mike had agreed to recognizing that Mike made the only choice he could. But Mike couldn’t live with that and as soon as he got his son to safety went back for Coulson.

His presence was affecting everyone. Jemma was clearly smitten by Mike and took his measurements manually. Even more interesting was watching FitzSimmons geek out when Mike informed them the concotion they shot him with stabilized the extremis serum in him. They seemed to be more gushing about the technical advancements Mike’s suit had embedded into it’s fibers than they did that he’d suited up.

Raina an Edison

Raina and Edison Po

Mae is a badass and showed off some more of her skill as she sparred with Ward. His comments of their sleeping together while on duty was not okay in her book and she called him on it. It’s nice to know that she has her mind in the right place and silly trysts are meant to stay where they occur. Even when Skye tries to derail Mae’s attention from the mission and again calls her out. Her action sequence in the warehouse was wonderful. If she had the same strength Mike had, she’d be extremely dangerous. As is, she was able to hold her own for a bit before being taken down.

This episode tied many threads previous episodes together. We didn’t just get centipede and the centipede serum. Also ties to the kill switch eye implants that had been in Akela were also in a warehouse soldier. Sometimes shows over look tying events together and then decide to lump them all together. Agents of Shield did that, but some how managed to make it also feel complete rather than hobbled together.

Spoiler Alert Ahead

Mike Peterson and Raina

Mike Peterson goes after Raina

You still here? Okay. Usually I would have no problem listing a spoiler in one of my reviews, but this episode presented a doozy. First we saw Mike run into an area that promptly exploded after his entrance. A moment later, the car Coulson was ushered to also exploded. Then a few moments later, a helicopter rises from the flames and shoots down Ward. Thankfully, we learn quickly after that Coulson was in said helicopter. It was a big cliff hanger to leave on. we all know things will work out, however the question is how they are going to manage it. Do you think Mike is dead? How do you think Coulson will get free? What do you think happened to Ward?

What did you think of the episode?

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