American Horror Story: Coven – Head

Kyle and Fiona

Kyle and Fiona after he was fixed

Witch hunters. In a world filled with witches, or at least seems so, it seems logical that we finally see their opposition. It was a nice scene with a father teaching his son the skill. At first it just seemed like they were hunting game, but their game was witches. They found their target and took out the witch as she begged for her life.

It was interesting to see that there was a bigger picture with the witch hunters. Apparently there is a much bigger corporation, the Delphi Trust, which is behind taking down witches. It isn’t just a shoot and kill job. It is a sacred order. Where all the witches seem to be women. All of the witch hunters seem to be men. But Hank isn’t really good at anything. he can’t follow the orders of Delphi and he can’t follow the orders of Marie either. Now Hank is being manipulated by Marie to make good on his deal with her.

More moving was, Cordelia’s husband, Hank’s innocence. Just like he couldn’t pull the trigger on the witch in the woods, he feels connected to Cordelia. Despite being planted by Delphi into the house of witches to do recon, he does have some weird love for Cordelia. The thought of her demise weighs on him. But just as he loves Cordelia, he is constantly striving to please a father than can’t be pleased. He is a failure in his father’s eyes.

Myrtle’s revenge on the the council was disturbing. They did burn her at the stake with little evidence other than the word of Fiona. But she had clearly be rustrated with them for a very long time. Her revenge wasn’t purely selfish. Instead, in a ghastly scene Myrtle melon balled and eye out of each of their heads as gifts to Cordelia.

It is a bit creepy that Fiona just went and fixed Kyle. I mean after he killed her dog, she needed to to get a replacement attack dog. Zoe was amazed that Kyle could be fixed, but now he is good. We didn’t get much more, but hopefully we will see more of how he works within the coven.

Zoe, Nan, and Madison

Zoe, Nan, and Madison

This was an episode of death, more so than any previous. Hank, fed up with the being controlled went on the killing spree that Marie wanted so badly, but instead of going after the coven, he went after with voodoo witches in the hair salon. Among the casualties was Queenie, along with Hank as Queenie used her ability to kill Hank and in the process herself. But as the hymn was sung that Queenie left for LaLaurie, the neighbor boy Luke was killed by his mother for knowing that she had killed his father. This many people can not be revived.

The death spree was the turning point for Marie. Rather than continue the animosity between herself and the coven, it is time for them to unite for a common good.

What did you think of the episode?

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