Arrow – Three Ghosts

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle

Oliver Queen, Felicity, and Diggle

Barry Allen saved the day and Oliver’s life like we all knew he would. Somehow he figured out just how to save Oliver from some unknown poison, but it worked and Oliver proceeded to yell at Felicity for revealing his secret to Barry. It was nice to see Barry have a spine and stand up to Oliver, letting him know that Felicity did what she had to in order to save his life. After Oliver’s explosion, he seems to be accepted into the fold and starts doing some medical work for Oliver. If I didn’t already know that Barry was going to get a pilot and that he becomes a full blown hero of his own, I’d think he’d make a wonderful addition to the team. he seems to simultaneously bring an optimism and antagonistic force to Oliver.

The flashbacks as of late have been very much in order, following a storyline that mirrors and provides jut enough information to the current line. Watching Dr. Ivo and his made obsession with finding a way to create these super soldiers.

Brother Blood’s involvement with the serum in current time’s is wonderful. Kevin Alejandro plays the Alderman with a subtlety that brings a new threat level to his character. My biggest complaint is that since his reveal as being Brother Blood, we haven’t seen him interacting with the people of the city. He has switched from an antagonistic force working for the common people to a threat who wants to oppress the common people with an army of soldiers who posses what he considers true power.

Felicity’s reaction to learning about Shado came off as expected. It does seem that Oliver has a list of women who seem to have meant the world to him at different points in his life. She sees how deeply he feels for this woman. The mere mention of yet another person who was important enough for Oliver to hallucinate a visit, was more than she wanted to handle. Oliver has baggage, she knows this, yet it still bothers her. For Oliver, Shado is literally a shadow of his past, with him unable to stop her from being killed feet away from him.

The three ghosts of the title were the presence of Shado, Slade, and Tommy. His encounter with Shado was endearing and genuine. However, his time with Slade was far more hostile. They didn’t exchange genuine words. They didn’t try to understand each other. Slade blamed him for his death and Shado’s. Unlike the other two who tried to make him turn away or beat him into realizing he was a failure, Tommy encouraged him. Tommy gave him the will to fight back and save Roy.

Roy Harper

Roy gets a dose of the serum against his will

Roy’s story line was important to the plot, but also not interesting. The little detective squad of Roy, Thea, and Sin are doing their best. yet, it’s frustrating that they don’t know when to leave well enough alone. Even after Roy was shot, they seem even more determined. It is a noble cause and getting Laurel involved was a better idea, but they are still messing with fire. Roy managed to get majorly hurt as he charged into a place. Unsurprisingly when he was injected with the serum, he was proclaimed a failure. But he wasn’t dead, just a failure, of sorts. There’s no way to tell yet what the serum has done to him.

Arrow is really good with their finales. This midseason finale was no exception. We learned that Slade was still alive and the serum did something. He’s strong and he wants to destroy the Hood. We also got to see the out of control particle accelerator that caused Barry to be struck by red lightning. The subtle effects were wonderful and it’s exciting to see where his character is going to go next. But there is one thing that is clear, Barry Allen got his power.

What did you think of the episode?

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