Lack of Games on Our Shiny, New Next Gen Consoles

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 – A XBox One Launch Title

Believe me, I understand that when a console emerges it doesn’t immediately dethrone it’s predecessor. I mean how could it when the new console has a handful of games an the old console has a backlog of critically acclaimed games that would take a long time to plow through. It is like that with the release of every new console. PS4 and XBox One are the latest consoles entering the arena as the next gen saviors. The processing power is greater, which means graphics are greater amongst other things. But the distinct difference that emerged in the era between PS2 and PS3 no longer exists. I’d argue that some people can hardly see the difference. Sure, people might be able to tell which one kind of looks better, but it would be more of instinct than anything else.

This lack of difference between last gen and new gen is a huge issue. How does one market a new console that appears to only look marginally better than it’s predecessor? The answer is unique games crafted solely for the new system to maximize what the new console can do. At this point, I’m not even talking about platform exclusive titles, but I am talking about generation exculsive titles. Currently Sony and Microsoft are launching games that are available on both their old gen and new gen consoles. It is difficult to convince someone to buy a pricey new gen console when you can play half of the new gen consoles games on an old gen console. It doesn’t give their buyers an incentive to buy.

So not only do we have a lack of generation exclusive titles, but we also are suffering from a lack of line up games. Yes, Microsoft came out with more exclusives for the XBox One than Sony did for the PS4, but it still wasn’t a knock my socks off moment. Neither company had a solid line up, which leads me to believe they rushed their releases a bit. Sure, the consoles are solid and impressive, but gamers need content. I’m not quite as excited to rush home to play the game on my next gen console knowing that I could have saved some money and played it on the old gen.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall – A PS4 launch title

These companies have long term goals for the release of their games. The launch window titles as each company likes to refer to the titles. Both consoles have a list of interesting titles that will be coming to their consoles. Some will be console sellers, like Titanfall. I don’t know what it is about shooters that drive people in masses to play the next shooter, with a few new weapons, some mechanics tweaks, accompanied by what is generally a lackluster plot. Then there are some other games that will certainly give their market while selling a few more consoles, like inFamous: Second Son. Yet. even with these launch window games, not all of them are generation exclusive. For the next year we aren’t just going to see a slow trickle of new releases for the old gen, but a solid schedule that undermines the new gen by releasing on both.

When Are the Games Coming
There is a launch window like i mentioned before that will bring a bunch of new games to the consoles. However, launch windows generally last for the year from release. Considering gaming tends to have a mass influx of new games in the fall period, I wouldn’t expect to have a nice collection until holiday season of 2014. Which means for most people, they may be waiting until holidays next fall to pick up a console. Otherwise a lighter gamer may have a console collecting dust for the next year.

Will you be purchasing a next gen console within the next year? What games are you excited about?

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