The Tomorrow People – Death’s Door

The Founder and John

The Founder and John at Ultra

The Founder is no joke, choking John with his abilities. But he didn’t hesitate to amp the tension up between John and Stephen as he frced John to tell Steven that he was the one who murdered his father. Despite this, Stephen is still determined to help John get out. Either that makes Stephen a really good man or a really foolish one.

Stephen has made it very clear that he believes his father is actually still alive. John’s admitted that even if he is alive, it doesn’t change the fact that John still tried to kill his father. It does drive another wedge in John and Cara’s relationship, while the emotions Stephen feels are felt by Cara. John’s secrets are driving Cara to Stephen.

Very quickly the episode turned into an escape plan as multiple characters were held hotage as a means to free someone else. Caught in the middle, not knowing what was going on with anyone was Stephen. The tomorrow people kidnapped Jed’s girlfriend as leverage to free John. While John was held to determine the location of the tomorrow people. It was one big mess. But we got to see Jed show how he cares again. He really loves John like a son, even if John seems repulsed by the idea. I wonder if he really is so agitated by the thought of Jed’s affections or if he is more frustrated that he still does care. either way.

Russell’s reaction to the discussion in front of him between Stephen, Cara, and John was well done. As he cowered on the couch trying to process the news that everything he had been fight for, the man he had been following knew all along that they were going after a lost cause. It would have been ice if they hadn’t used as many close ups to allow for Russell’s reaction to shine through. All the tomorrow were given something to believe in, a messiah that could help them out of their oppression. It was shattered as words of seeming suicide and fear.

Stephen’s plan to reach is father in limbo still suffered from the usual issues this show has. There is too much talking before they act. When Stephen did finally die, we got a lackluster return to life. We didn’t get to see him see his father, we only were told he did. It was disappointing and Stephen himself didn’t seem to excited by it.


John escapes Ultra

Jed is really such a multilayered character, the only one who comes anywhere close is John, even he is left in the dust. More characters on this show need to learn a thing or two about the depth from him. His love for Morgan was touching. But out of fear, out of loyalty, out of ideas of what he could do to save both her and himself, he chose to kill her. At least, he faked killing her to save her. Just like he had a hit ordered on his brother. He does things to protect the people he cares about. I’m starting to believe that Stephen’s father’s death may have been just as manufactured, but on a far larger scale.

The episode fell into a lull after the breakout. Unfortunately, that was where the characters thrived. They were taking action and owning it. As soon as they were back in their little lair, the episode slowed and lost heat. Sure, there were events that occurred, but the excitement had already dwindled. it only reignited when Jed took the screen. For a midseason finale it started out with the right energy, but fizzled out.

What did you think of the episode?

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