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Will and Anastasia

Will listens to Anastasia’s plea

This show has always been partial to flashbacks as more and more new shows seem to be. integral parts of an episodes plot are tied to flashbacks. This time we got to see a time when Cyrus and Alice were falling in love. This was very much an episode for Cyrus. He finally got a chance to shine and for the first time we realize how underutilized this show has made him. Rather than employing an interesting character, they kept him locked up for half a season.

We learned that Cyrus wasn’t always a genie. He was a boy with a mother who bestowed him with a beautiful compass he always carried. The scene also indicated that it’s possible that Cyrus may not always have to be a genie, even if he believes he always will. The compass is a lost and found a unique tool that can be used to find what is lost. In a way, it is in much like Jack Sparrow’s compass. But he gave up the gift from his mother in order to make a home for Alice. It was just a normal home, but a home shrouded in plain sight and invisible even when looking right at it.

The first thing I noticed about Alice was that she changed her hair. The same as always was her blind faith in others. Always she seems to believe in the best in people. Even though the white rabbit betrayed Alice and the others, she still has enough faith in him to seek out his help. He is the only one in Wonderland who can forge the path they need to get out.

The Tweedles are rather ridiculous. It was a nice twist that only one of the brothers was involved with Jafar, while the other is still loyal to the Red Queen. it’s nice to tear the two apart, but what does this mean for the brother. Regardless the literal interpretation of hearing something through the grapevine came off as dumb rather than fun. The head in the box was an even more ridiculous example. I’m growing quite tired of heads in boxes that continue to talk. It is not interesting and a cheap gag.


Cyrus runs to Alice

Anastasia is smarter than she looks. Although, half the time she seems to be a step behind the competition, only to be lucky enough to stumble onto the correct way. In this case. She didn’t know one of the tweedles were betraying her. But her paranoia and mistrust led her to stash the real bottle elsewhere. It worked to her benefit, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is constantly being outwitted and scrambling to keep her head above the water and ahead of Jafar.

It was easy to believe Anastasia’s plea for Will. It was easy to believe Will and Alice not believing in Anastasia. Anastasia truly loves Will, just as Alice loves Cyrus. When the attack Jafar sends for Anastasia nearly hits, Will she jumps in front of him, but it wasn’t enough. in some convoluted event both Will and Alice went down cradled by their loves, but only Will could save Alice as she died. He wished to end Alice’s suffering, saving Alice’s life and freeing Cyrus from his bonds. In the process, Will is now the genie and lost in the bottle that no one knows where it is. For the first time Alice and Anastasia have every reason to work together. I only wish I could feel the same emotion Anastasia displays for Will given in the performances by any of the other characters.

What did you think of the episode?

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