Almost Human – Arrhythmia

Kennex and Dorian

Kennex and Dorian locate the black mrket operation

It was eerie seeing Leonard Lee blaze into the hospital shouting about his own impending death. When he dropped dead just as he claimed he would it felt like justification for his panic. We learned that he had a black market biometric heart. Unsurprisingly, his lease on life was up when his installer didn’t renew his pumping heart. Controlled by a small chip, Leonard.

The episode delved into the world of the black market. In this case, it is after market body parts that are capable of saving people’s lives. The parts are so massively expensive that it is difficult for most people to get the parts. Perfectly useful used parts are to be destroyed when the original patient dies. The police stopped a woman from getting a new heart that could have saved her life. The doctor performing the operations thought the chips were for monitoring, not murder. Now a control board of over 16 people were left to die because the operation was found out. A series of deaths wasn’t enough to stop Kennex as they closed in on the two associates behind the operation.

This case, while able to bring out certain moral questions, felt a bit lacking. It felt like a case of the week, much like so many of the episodes so far. This isn’t the strength of this show. The episodes that have been best are those the dive into the interpersonal relationships. At this point, I want to know more of the broader world that they are living in. We know that this is a slightly modded future. Thins aren’t quite so drasti that hey aren’t believable, without it also feeling like modern day. The tech and the cases reflect the advancements they envisioned. The case of the weeks are already growing tedious as I want to get more into the mythology that this show can really build.

Kennex and Dorian

John Kennex and Dorian

Dorian was wonderful this episode, especially as one of his other models was found in the hospital. Immediately following the advice Kennex gave him to live a little and break a rule, Dorian invites his kinsman along. There was an eerie duality of self as the two models were there. Despite being the same model, they had their own personalities. It would have been nicer if those personalities were a bit more distinct. It wasn’t until Dorian encouraged the other DRN to come in and help that he realized just how different he is from the others.

Dorian’s internal struggle to explain why the DRN’s were decommissioned was painful for him. he had to face the reality of what happened to him. he sees the other model as his charge. Dorian is there to help his fellow model but none of it seems to sit well with him. Dorian and the other DRN shared a moment as he revealed his most honored moment when he broke protocol and saved a young boy. Even when Dorian took away all of his memories again, he left the DRN with the human moment of when he saved the young boy.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “Almost Human – Arrhythmia

  1. The problem with the show is that Fox is showing the episodes out of order hence you may have noticed the relationship between Dorian and Kennex is more antagonistic then suddenly in the next episode they’re more friendly with each other and then back to antagonistic. They did this to release all the procedural episodes and dropped a number of mythology based episodes that were supposed to be shown. Skin the second and best episode so far was actually episode 8.

    • I did not know they were currently doing that, but knowing Fox, I’m not surprised. They did it to Firefly, they did it to Mindy Project, and countless other shows. I doubt they will stop because they think it benefits shows (or they just want to get rid of them), when it actually cannibalizes ratings.

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