DC Cinematic Universe: Haphazard or Under Control?

Marvel vs DC

Marvel vs DC

I’m not talking about the MMORPG, but the actual cinematic universe that they are creating slowly but surely. After seeing how Marvel successful created an entire universe made of franchises. Each franchise stands on it’s own while feeding into the larger Marvel Cosmos as the characters interact and form one giant Marvel interconnectivity. Every time we get a reveal it revvs more excitement, like how Vin Diesel is officially Groot and Paul Rudd Ant-Man. When DC releases casting news, it’s mostly been met with vitriol. It is a difference in strategy, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Kevin Feige as the figurehead to make sure everything is on track. One thing is for sure, Marvel is doing it right. Now, before this ends up sounding like I laugh at DC and praise Marvel, let’s get into the meat of this.

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle

Oliver Queen, Felicity, and Diggle

TV Connectivity
We now have Superman from Man of Steel in the new DC universe separate from Nolan’s Batman universe. Man of Steel took great strides to keep the story grounded rather than indulge in some of the more fantastic elements of the comic. This is very similar to the world that Arrow inhabits on the CW’s version of the character. Arrow is grounded and could easily feed into the Superman world. More importantly, Arrow is well received and good enough that The Flash has been introduced and going to pilot. Arrow and The Flash alone could create their own interactive world that could slowly bring in all sorts of other characters. It would be rather easy in fact, with all the ground work already laid. However, it doesn’t seem that the people are Warner Brothers have any real intention of joining to the two created universes.

Lack of Plan
Even more frustrating is the seeming lack of plan coming from Warner Brothers. It feels almost as though, they commissioned a bunch of scripts to be created and polished so they could then decided where it was they actually wanted to go next with the world. Now that they had a box office success with Man of Steel, they are jumping on the bandwagon to get more. In the recent past there were rumors that the next movie would be another Superman movie and possibly we might get another character’s film before we got a Justice League movie. With more and more casting coming out for Batman vs Superman, I’m getting the feeling that this will be a borderline Justice League testing ground rather than  a Superman movie. I would be far more relieved by the DC universe if I knew there was someone behind everything going on with some sort of game plan. An idea of whether the CW universe would co-exist or remain separate from the films would be nice at the very least.

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman
fan image

Superman vs Batman
Let’s shed a little more light on the Superman vs Batman movie. At first, it was going to be a Man of Steel sequel, plain and simple. Then San Diego Comic Con came around and we learned that it wasn’t just going to be Superman, but Superman vs Batman. The big Bat was there to draw in a greater crowd than Superman could. I wouldn’t be surprised if they believe going with this pairing will help the critical reception that was 50/50 with Man of Steel. But the news didn’t just stop there, then we discovered Ben Affleck would be playing the bat and rumors of Wonder Woman and Nightwing joining the gang flew as well. Gal Gadot was cast, with still no word on Nightwing. As it stands, at the very moment, We know Lex Luthor will also be cast with rumors of another villain making an appearance, possible Doomsday. This film will be crammed with, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a good thing.

Do you ever think the Arrow and Man of Steel Universe will collide? Is the DC Cinematic Universe haphazard or do they actually have everything sketched out and under control?

5 thoughts on “DC Cinematic Universe: Haphazard or Under Control?

  1. I think you’re dead on. Marvel has worked with a plan, and DC seems like it was surprised by the success of Superman and now is doing everything possible to ride its coattails. This smells of disaster.

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