The Comic Landscape

Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters

When most people think of comics, their ideas often drift to something juvenile. If by chance the person coming across the thought of comics doesn’t believe that comics are designed only for children, they often view the themes as trite. Anyone who really reads comics and delves into the world they provide, knows differently. The stories in comics are deep and sometimes incredibly profound. The wit and inteliigence that comics insert into their panels in both overt and covert ways are phenomenal.

I’m a self- admitted Marvel fan. If it is related to Marvel, I am ready and eager to give it ago. The universe they’ve created is specatular and inhabited by heroes, villains and mutants around the world. While no unique character aside from Captain America is as iconic as many of the DC characters, each of the people inhabiting the Marvel Universe is strong and stands on their own.

Marvel Spotlight: Luke Cage
Luke Cage has been around since 1972 and to the unknowing hasn’t made a major impact on the Marvel Universe, but I have to admit he is one of the most interesting characters. Also known as Power Man, he’s incredibly strong and is part of a wonderful duo with Iron Fist. Luke Cage may be a bit brash at times, but he’s strong and useful and has helped out the good guys on a regular basis.


DC Characters

DC Characters

The DC Universe isn’t all that much older than Marvel, but it used it’s additional time to embedded itself within the country’s consciousness through characters that tapped into America’s sense of self. Superman leaves people with an intense sense of pride as he is strongest man alive. He can do nearly everything someone could imagine. He is the world’s protector even if he isn’t from Earth. He’s an alien, but he embraced his position and rocketed into the hearts of people around the world. Similarly, Batman is the story of men around the world. A man who lost his family and wants revenge. Revenge that is then transitioned onto the criminals of the world so they no longer cause the pain he once felt.

DC Spotlight: The Flash
The Flash is a fast talking, fast moving smartass who always has something to say. Despite being a bit of a jerk, he’s incredibly smart and does truly want to help others. Barry Allen has a heart hidden under his jokes. Created in January of 1940 by Garner Fox and Harry Lampert, The Flash is an interesting character. His power, super speed, is one that almost requires someone who is quick witted.



The Others
Not all comics are DC or Marvel. There are so many other comic publishers. Some of the big ones are Image and Dark Horse. Together they produce a bunch of great series like Invincible and Usagi Yojimbo. Different from the Marvel and DC the goal in these stories tend to be contained universes, unique to the specific series. One other notable trait is that the stories tend have complex through lines that can make a Marvel through line look like child’s play. As a result these stories are often long term stories, many of which do see an end of life, unlike Marvel and DC which can continually be supported and written until the world ends or they stop making profits.

What are your favorite comic series?

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