Doctor Who: 2013 Christmas Special – The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who Promotional Photo

Promotional Photo

Before we even started with the actual Christmas Special, we had a farewell to Matt Smith. A wonderful special highlighting Matt Smith’s tenure as the Eleventh Doctor. One thing that was brilliant was how Matt Smith was uncannily charming as he pranced about the screen. I give it to BBC for celebrating Matt Smith rather than mourning our loss. While Matt Smith will be missed, we had a few wonderful years with him as the eleventh doctor.

There will be spoilers ahead, you’ve been forewarned. Read on for the review of The Time of the Doctor.

The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who Promotional Photo

Promotional Photo – Clara

When an indecipherable message was sent to all those who could receive, the Doctor along with hundreds of ships filled with his enemies are parked together in an odd state of not fighting. The Doctor flailed about spare parts of a dalek while using the intelligence and head of a cyberman, named Handles. Twice he landed on an enemy ship wielding the dismembered part of their brethren.

The banter between The Doctor and Clara was always wonderful. It was great how quickly he agreed to be Clara’s boyfriend, even if he might need to brush up on some things. Alas, it was just a moment before she clarified that he would just be posing as her boyfriend for Christmas Dinner. Her state of startle when she walked in on him naked was almost as funny as realizing that the clothes he put on was just illusion for Clara, but was still in the nude in front of her family. With the two of them every thing is very fast paced and there is something thrilling about that.

Tasha Lem

Tasha Lem

Tasha Lem of the Papal Church was an interesting woman. The church she heads also wasn’t what you might expect. For one, you go to their church nude, explaining The Doctor’s prior indecency in front of Clara’s fantasy. While The Doctor had a moment alone with Tasha, Clara was left outside and was tormented by the Silence, who she had no idea ever existed. Have I ever mentioned that the Silence are the most terrifying creatures ever. But the Silence were far from the only beings around that appeared. After landing on the planet, they were promptly attacked by Weeping Angels.

In the town called Christmas, no one can lie. Clara and the Doctor both blurt out some things they don’t want other to hear. Much like Clara admitting she fancies the Doctor, luckily he didn’t notice. Rightly so, everything from the Doctor’s past was re-emerging, including the crack. The Time Lords are attempting to use the crack to force Gallifrey back into this universe. The doozie is that the Time Lords need the Doctor to use his name as confirmation so they know they are at the right place.

The people of Christmas

The people of Christmas

Faced with a hard decision in light of learning that the little town he is on is located on Trenzalore. Tasha makes it clear that if the Doctor speaks his name for the Time Lords to return, she will destroy Trenzalore and everyone on it to prevent the Time Lords from coming through and the Time War reigniting. Unwilling to give in to Tasha’s claims, The Doctor stood strong and protected Trenzalor and protect Christmas the best he could for so long that he visibly aged. But the Doctor’s enemies are merciless. When Clara finally returned 300 years later, everything is beginning to change. Handles dies. Admitting that he can no longer regenerate, admitting his mortality.

At the end of the day, even though Tasha was against them, it was still the daleks who posed the ultimate threat. With Tasha turned into one of the human daleks. It was the Doctor igniting Tasha’s rage that allowed Tasha to hold true to herself even after she’d already turned. The Doctor fought the good fight against the daleks with the help of the Silence.

The Doctor and Clara

The Doctor and Clara

The look of sadness in the Doctor’s eyes was heart breaking as he promised he wouldn’t send Clara away again, only to leave her at home before going back to Trenzalore. Clara’s moment with with grandmother as the woman explained her sadness and love for a man she once loved. It was wonderful. The touching moments continued as Clara traveled back to Trenzalore to visit with an elderly Doctor. She still loves him very much. He is her Doctor. For that she makes the plea that safes his life, not as the Doctor she once knew, but making way for the new Doctor, a regeneration he didn’t believe he had. The Doctor not only saved Trenzalore, but himself.

I love that yet another strong female character entered the show in the form of Tasha. Only for us to see that the TARDIS really isn’t quite so difficult to find. It makes these women wonderfully strong and also the Doctor just as endearing.

Can I say how touching it was to see Karen Gillan once more as Amelia Pond? It was sweet to see them interact, though it did leave me feel kind of bad for Clara kind of being left in the dust as the Doctor left her.

Eleventh Doctor’s Final Line: I will always remember when the doctor was me.

Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Twelfth Doctor’s First Line: Kidneys, I’ve got new kidneys. I don’t like the color. Stay calm. Stay Calm. Do you know how to fly this thing?

Peter Capldi as The Doctor

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

The Doctor and Clara

The Twelfth/Thirteenth Doctor and Clara

What did you think of the episode? Will you miss Matt Smith? What do you think Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be like?

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