Why I’ll Miss Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor


I’ve had some time to digest and think about the loss of Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who. And yes, I know that with all the conflation of the 50th Anniversary Special  The Day of the Doctor, he is actually the twelfth Doctor, but that just makes things too complicated. I’ll continue to call him the eleventh Doctor at least for now, just for the sake of keeping things understandable. With all that time to think, I was able to realize all the things I loved about this Doctor and also what I’ll be excited to see come to pass with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.


The Ponds and the Doctor

The Ponds and the Doctor

All the Doctor’s have had a bit of a spunky quality. I suppose if you’re from Gallifrey and traveling all over the world on a constant basis, you’d need to be a bit lively or else face being exhausted from all the travel. Even still, Matt Smith’s Doctor was filled to the brim with spunk. He was brave and always had something witty or useful to say.

Fast Talking Pushed to the Limit

The Doctor and Clara

The Doctor and Clara

The Doctor has always thought quickly. And spoke almost as quickly. But With Matt Smith the writers seemed willing to cram as much dialogue as they could in for him to spit it all out in one pile of word gobbledegook. Every time, Matt Smith did it with relative ease leaving even the watcher breathless. It also made all the fantastic things we was talking about even more difficult to understand at times, which was perfect. It wasn’t until Clara popped on the scene did he really meet his match with someone who could think and talk almost as fast as him. Sure other companions have come close, and some have even been able to follow what he was saying. But it was Clara who could spit back a retort as quickly as the Doctor put out the witty comment. It made for some wonderful banter.

The Attire

Eleventh Doctor wears his Fez

Eleventh Doctor wears his Fez

There have been scarves and leather jackets. Pin stripe suits with sneakers and top hats, but it wasn’t until the lovely Eleventh Doctor that we were treated to the bow tie and the fez. It is a killer combination that while not often on the screen has become iconic with this Doctor. It is his look and he positively loved it. In fact, more than any other Doctor he seemed positively fascinated by attire and wasn’t one to shy away from donning some gear.

The Eleventh Doctor ran, jumped, and stood his ground like no Doctor before. With him, we got to see more action packed sequences with the Doctor. The Tenth Doctor offered many of these scenes as did the Ninth, but the Eleventh, pushed it even further. Matt Smith injected a different sort of life into Doctor who by doing all of the action sequences. In many ways it fit the spunk that this Doctor had. Many times his first thought was to take action. Protect and not fight yes, but take action. Even when he did take a moment to think, there were still hazards to him.

The Ponds

The Ponds and the Doctor

The Ponds and the Doctor

How can I not mention the Eleventh Doctor and mention how much the Ponds will be missed. I’ll be including River Song in this as well. Together, those three created not just a group of friends for the Doctor, but a family. Not just because he marries their daughter, but because the Ponds were always there for him supporting him and he supporting them. Even to this day, with Clara by his side, you could see how much the loss of his family was still affecting him.

The Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capldi as The Doctor

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

As for the new Doctor on the scene, we don’t know much about him. We know he has new kidneys and he doesn’t like the color. Most importantly he doesn’t know how to fly the TARDIS, which is funny considering most of the previous Doctor’s apparently didn’t know how to fly her properly. Even still, we have our new Doctor, and it is all sorts of fantastic. Yes, I am skeptical, but who isn’t when it’s time for regeneration. On the bright side, there seems to be a lot of hope for Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. It would be thoroughly entertaining to see his Doctor be absolutely clueless. Rather than a man feigning confusion, but a man who actually always is confused. I’m not sure where they will go with Peter Capaldi, but time will tell. Until then, I’ll anxiously wait for new episodes to come.

What will you miss about the Eleventh Doctor? Will Matt Smith be missed? How do you feel about Peter Capaldi thus far?

7 thoughts on “Why I’ll Miss Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor

  1. I am a huge fan of Matt Smith. He brought wisdom befitting a man over 900 years old back to the role. He also had a wonderful dark quality. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor I hope will be excellent, the guy is a top notch actor and boyhood Doctor Who fan. The confusion I think is part of his regeneration cycle so I think it will disappear in the not too distant. Great Piece.

  2. I wear a stetson now. Stetsons are cool. I’m going to miss Matt Smith very much- from the witty speed talking and one liners to the air kisses he gives every human being he meets. He was a great Doctor and definitely a hard one to follow.

  3. I will miss Matt Smith as the Doctor.
    When Amy and Rory vanished and a gravestone appeared, I knew it was the end of a brilliant era.
    He reminds me of Peter Cushing as Dr Who in the movies.
    As the present Doctor Peter Capaldi is an international actor, other actors appear too wooden around him. Too much romance and need more mysteries?
    Will the BBC upgrade actors to match the new Dr. Who?

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