Almost Human – Simon Says

Kennex and Dorian

Kennex and Dorian search for Simon

Michael Ealy was born to play Dorian. As he walked around with half charge, watching Dorian’s ticks executed to perfection was a joy. As he strode into the room and punched Paul for leaving the DRNs last to charge. The lack of charge makes him a bit emotional, much like a tired person, ready to snap or act loopy in a moment. As his charge dropped his behavior became more erratic. From declarations of rolling out and jumping for joy for disarming a bomb. Dorian was a total mess and it made for some great moments of humor throughout the episode.


Alessandro Juliani as Ramon

Aside from Dorian’s low charge, we readdressed Dorian’s desire to not live with the rest of the MXs. He doesn’t see himself like them and sees them for what they are emotionless machines. Dorian on the other hand has wants and desires. As the show implies, he is Almost Human and wants to be respected. he sees the departments priority of MXs over DRNs as a a social injustice, as prejudice. Dorian’s idea to free him from the situation was to move in with Kennex.

We were treated with some Saw level criminal manipulation. To make this even better, our first victim was Battlestar Galactica alum, Alessandro Juliani. It was great to see him on the screen again. As for the master manipulator, Simon, like many situations depicted on screen he stayed behind the scenes. Playfully teasing the cops, but thankfully he wasn’t obscured. We got to see him causing his destruction behind the scenes. Boy was he a creepy. His second victim was forced to dance in the middle of the park with a bouquet of flowers.

More disturbing than the man strapping bombs around people’s necks was the dark net commenters that craved the deaths of the innocent people. Sure, it is far from unbelievable that there are that many people who would be doing such a thing in real life. What is strangest to me was that of all the people out there, no one voiced a word of dissent.



Just when things looked like the cos might have had things under control and found a way to isolate Simon from attacking more innocent people, he manages to get Kennex. Simon has wizened up a bit and has a remote detonator, one which if he lets go of will detonate. Kennex was chosen because he wronged Simon, but also because Kennex was like him. Both had received black marks from the police and it followed them. The difference was Simon went all crazy and tried to exact revenge on people who didn’t deserve it. Simon was kind enough to offer Kennex an out by providing him the tools to escape himself, even if he had a bomb tied to his neck and was handcuffed to a park bench, while the police couldn’t help him. Phew that was a long set of conditions. Anyway, Dorian used the last of his charge to take out Simon and give Kennex the opportunity to save himself. And what did he get in return, Kennex set Dorian up to live with Rudy.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Almost Human – Simon Says

  1. I really enjoyed Dorian freaking out a little bit. Kennex taking Dorian’s complaints towards living with the MX’s seriously… even if he still doesn’t want to live with him. haha. Simon’s life was ruined because of the real and perceived black marks on his record, Kennex feels that people treat him differently and he knows he wouldn’t be back to work if it wasn’t for Maldonado …Meanwhile, Dorian has the odds against him because of the instances of DRNs having emotional outbursts.

    And the creepy commenters + no one having any argument about what is happening. One of those commentaries on how people don’t relate to each other anymore. YOLO! it was a too much. (And yeah, it was pretty much “Saw”)

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