Agents of SHIELD – The Magical Place

Coulson's team

The team goes for Coulson

The episode jumped right into things with us seeing a sale of some chitauri metal. We are introduced to Mr Vanchatt who is being requested to help SHIELD locate Coulson. We also learn that Fitz has been put in charge and seems to be rising a bit faster than Simmons. Already, Fitz is feeling the stress and isn’t shown with his usual chipper self. The string of events involving centipede have made Fitz cold and he believes the world could do without them rather than a cure. But his orders are to create a way to stop these centipede soldiers and they manage to do that, it just takes a moment.



Very quickly, Agent Hand recommends Skye be removed from the plain as she isn’t an asset to the current mission. May agrees and Skye is off, but not without Ward’s protests and a little help in the form of a satellite phone from FitzSimmons. Hand doesn’t approve of the intense tactics the team uses or their flippant behavior. But Hand is even more perpelexed by why a level 8 agent is being given such priority. To her, no agent is that important and it would be better to let them fend for themselves.

Meanwhile Coulson is having some alone time with Po as Po tries to get information from Coulson. Unfortunately, with Coulson having no real idea what is going on with himself and things are going to be done the hard way. Coulson may be crafty, but Po is two steps ahead of him and stops Coulson’s escape. Po’s torture isn’t what the clairvoyant wants and Raina brings the message to him. The interplay between Raina and Coulson was fun to watch as Raina has interesting motivations.

Skye took her banishment from the plane well and set off into action on the ground. While it may not have been very smart for her to impersonate May, but it got the job done. It was nice to learn the Skye was booted because May knew she would be most useful if she wasn’t on the plane. Skye uses her skills as always to determine where Coulson is being held and manages to do just that. It was both a crafty and risky plan,  but it got the job done. Just this once I”ll ignore the plot holes regarding Skye’s plan because the longer we spent with Skye meant the longer that we did learn more about Coulson and that’s what everyone wants to know.


Ward takes out a centipede soldier

Skye’s intel gets them to the right place and the team goes in hard and fast right for Coulson. Coulson’s flashbacks of what happened to hi after he died. As he was operated on by SHIELD agents he screamed “Please let me die” over and over again. The operation that he was undergoing seemed to be sending electrical charges through his brain as it was fixed. It was an interesting sight, but the plug was pulled before we could see any more. Speaking of, they were able to get out of the location a little to easily. Sure they only had but so many obstacles, but pulling the plug of the machine and everyone being back on the plane felt…eh.

What happened to Agent Coulson?
The truth: Coulson was dead for days. Coulson went through at least eight surgeries to bring him back to life and get him functioning. Coulson was given pleasant memories to replace the sadness and Coulson state of losing the will to live.

And because the show wanted to drop some more bombs on us, we learned that Mike Peterson isn’t dead, but he’s badly burned, lost a leg, and has the lovely detonating eye implants. I really hope he doesn’t die for real, as I mentioned before, I think he is one of the strongest and most interesting characters the show has.

What did you think of the episode?

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