American Horror Story: Coven – The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

Papa Legba

Papa Legba

Let’s start by saying that yes, I failed hard and didn’t have this post ready night of it’s premiere. But that is okay because I got some time to ruminate over this episode. Like all prior episodes of American Horror Story, I’m compelled to watch even if I know that not all the episodes are great (some are down right bland) in hopes that there is that one episode that pushes all of the boundaries and reminds me of why I endure the mediocre. The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks was another one of those mediocre episodes, that didn’t movie the plot forward much.

Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau

American Horror Story has never been afraid to show that it cares about the presentation of the story and watching the talk between Marie Laveau and Fiona was framed wonderfully. Despite Fiona being so willing to help her enemy it seems that Lavaue is dealing with more than just the witch hunters, but a visit from Papa Legba. For a moment I actually thought that Marie’s trip to the hospital was a dream, until she blew her dust in that nurses face. Again we got to see how powerful Marie is, even if she looked a bit crazy flailing her tongue about in her mouth. We learned that the deal she made with Papa Legba was what gave her, her immortality, but at the cost of her baby. Now every year he comes with a new request and Marie’s immortality remains in tact. That was the kernel of truth Fiona never should have been given because Papa Lega makes her an offer that would allow her to live on, but it requires her to kill her daughter. Unfortunately, Papa Legba calls the deal off because Fiona doesn’t have a soul she could sell.

Cordelia is dealing a lot with the death of her husband. He was a fool and sick, but he was striving for the approval of everyone around him in twisted cries for help. His inability to cope with the pressures placed on him were not Cordelia’s fault though she sees her declaration for divorce which triggered him. Cordelia uses her failure, pointed out by Fiona, as motivation to make more progress. She learns the ties Hank actually had and uncovered the Delphi Trust.

Stevie Nicks and Misty

Misty and Stevie Nicks

Misty’s reaction to seeing Stevie Nicks was hilarious. She idolizes the rock star and being in her presence was too much for her to cope with at first. It was a nice touch that Fiona had a bet on how Misty would react and won. While, I won’t complain about seeing Stevie do her ting on the show, it didn’t seem to have a major point. Even more interesting was that Fiona brought Stevie to Misty as appeasement. Rather than working against the coming supreme, she is hedging her bets on Misty. Despite Misty not having displayed any other power than her resurgence, Fiona is sure Misty is the chosen one.

As for the actual race of who will be the new supreme it is still entirely unclear. Madison’s rebirth has cured her heart murmur and thus her multiple abilities are now an indicator that it could be her. Then there is Nan who can now use mind control on others. But none of that matters because Fiona’s new goal is to kill them all to make sure no one can take her place. Nan got in the way of Marie and ended up Fiona’s first victim. And thus, Nan was unceremoniously dispatched and went off with Papa Legba willingly, but not after informing Marie she did wrong.

What did you think of the episode?

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