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Almost Human

Almost Human

It took two months and a bunch of episodes, but we are finally addressing the issue of Kennex’s betraying ex. Even i it came in the form of Kennex’s group therapy. We didn’t hear any more after that, but it is nice that it was finally acknowledged.

Dorian and Kennex

Dorian and Kennex

It was fascinating seeing just how human unfriendly the MXs are in comparison to DRNs. Despite their lack of humanity, they seem to be able to impose the same prejudices of normal people as it disparages Dorian as an inferior model. The dumb MX went so far as to suggest to Kennex that he could arrange to get Kennex an MX as a new partner to replace Dorian. Which really was the limit for Kennex and he shot the MX. While Kennex may have referred to Paul’s MX as no more than a toaster that had burned his toast, I doubt Kennex would ever think of Dorian in the same way. Even if he touts that he would. If there is one thing that hadn’t been clear up to this point it is that he has bonded to Dorian. Dorian isn’t just a mandated robot that he must have with him. Dorian is more of a friend than even Kennex wants to admit.

The actual case involved a man who was shot by a bullet that could change its direction in flight. With gun runners and tech sold that uses facial recognition software to guide bullets, it isn’t good news. Kennex is willing to use Kira as bait to draw out the arms dealers that are after her. Too bad, Kira is out to take things into her own hands and actively leaves the safety of police protection. At least her idea is to go to a Scrubber that while wipe her memory of Anton, hopefully making her useless to the people who are after her.

arms dealer

arms dealer

This was another week of displaying the awesome things that the tech could do. If there is one thing this show has other than a great buddy cop dynamic, then it’s the imagination of the creative teams tech ideas. The ideaof Scrubbers isn’t an entirely new concept, but the way they rationalized the bullet tracking system was great. In many ways, much like Minority Report, Almost Human portrays tech in ways that could one day come to pass in reality.

The actual case of the week wasn’t all that compelling and didn’t lead to any heart pumping moments. There were plot holes that one cold poke at and realize that there are issues with the episode, like how the bullet could have missed even with Dorian’s intervention. Ultimately, the b sstory was lackluster and wasn’t personally engaging. Week after week we are given glimpses of Dorian and Kennex. That is what people come back for, not the case of the weeks. If Dorian and Kennex weren’t so entertaining, the show wouldn’t work.

What did you think of the episode?

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