Sleepy Hollow – The Vessel

Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod

Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod

Ichabod got new clothes! Yes, we all know that I’ve been wanting Ichabod to finally get some new clothes and he finally got them. I must say, some of these modern clothes are quite fitting for Ichabod. I like that Abbie tried to use a former promise and the idea of camouflage from Moloch as motivation for Ichabod, only for him to change back a moment later.

Jenny Mills

Jenny being possessed

Captain Irving really is in a bad place, absolutely paranoid as the demon is jumping from body to body. It is messing with him and to the normal onlooker, Irving just looks like he is going crazy. But the threat on Macy’s life is still very much there and real. Logically, he goes for help from his priest and also from Abbie and Ichabod. Diving quickly into their research, they discover an old video that Sheriff Corbin had on the subject. The only catch was that the demon was possessing Jenny.

Having Jenny previously be possessed by the demon was really effective and tied up some of the animosity between the two sisters. During the demon’s tenure within Jenny, it proclaimed that it would kill Abbie. Apparently those thoughts were left in Abbie even after the demon had left her. Thoughts of hurting her sister was too much to bear and she intentionally committed crimes so she couldn’t be near her sister to hurt her. The pain Jenny must have felt to have Abbie deny what happened to them and think of her as a criminal must have been unbearable. We’ve now seen the effect of their strained relationship, but with every episode we are seeing that Jenny was not quite the screw up Abbie believed. Instead Jenny just has some terrible luck.

Ichabod and Abbie

Ichabod and Abbie stealing the lantern

The dynamic of the Irving family is really well done. They are a broken family that are doing their best to hold it together for Macy. You can see how he wants everything to be alright, you can see how he will do anything for his daughter. When the demon finally possesses her and torments their family you can see how he will do anything to keep that family. In an attempt to free his daughter he finally admitted that he had been wrong in how he’d treated Macy since her accident. For a brief moment, he was able to reach her enough for her to break through, but that quickly ended. The effects of Macy’s possession were wonderful and creepy without feeling too overdone. The make up effects on Amandla Stenberg were fantastic. It was a relief that Macy and her mother weren’t dispatched so early as they are interesting secondary characters.

It baffles me how well done the dynamics are between all the characters on the show. You can tell how much effort they put into make the characters resonate, with their unique motivations and then how they gel with the others. The banter between Abbie and Jenny still holds that tension of two estranged sisters who would still do anything for the other. The moment of realization when Abbie learned what Jenny had done for her was executed well. Also having Abbie steal the lantern was a nice crime for crime, as well as a call back tot he fact that Abbie was once a delinquent too.

What did you think of the episode?

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