American Horror Story: Coven – Protect the Coven

Fiona and Marie

Fiona and Marie celebrate their victory

Well that’s how LaLaurie got her batshit crazy start. Upon her arrival in New Orleans she didn’t have her serving hands and had to cut the head off her own chicken. When one of her slaves was accidentally injured in front of her and her daughter. There her enjoyment of mutilation and sick creations began. Throughout the episode we got LaLaurie’s voiceover. We even saw Lalaurie back to her sick ways in the present times with the gardner. LaLaurie is sick and plied off his toes and pulled out his entrails.

Zoe and Kyle

Zoe and Kyle

It was so condescending to see Nan’s funeral and the lie of her slipping in the tub. Only Zoe seemed to care about Nan’s death. Rightfully so, she discovered that Nan didn’t slip but was murdered by Fiona and Marie.

People just can’t seem to stay dead in this show. until a few minutes into the episode, I’d been sure that Queenie was dead. then there Queenie was strolling out of a car with LaLaurie on a leash. And yes, that did mean that Queenie put LaLaurie back together with no scars. She even commented to Kyle. As quickly as Queenie returned with LaLaurie, she’s already back to her made duties (which included feeding them Madison’s shit). I really don’t understand why Queenie would return to the Coven or Marie Laveau. She was left for dead, she was insulted, yet there she was as though nothing had changed.

The tension between Madison and Zoe is getting worse. Madison just can’t stand that Kyle loves Zoe and not her. Kyle is getting smarter and more eloquent and with every day he loves her more. Unfortunately, Madison is now determined to break them apart in any way possible and if that means literally disassembling him, she’ll do it. It reached a point that Myrtle encouraged Zoe to run away from the Coven with Kyle. It is too dangerous for Zoe to stay with Kyle as long as Madison is still around and especially if Zoe really is the Supreme.


LaLaurie after she incapaticated Marie Laveau

The relationship between Fiona and the Axeman is really strange. They spend time in the apartment and act all lovey dovey. He does seem to love her, but I still can’t get over his origins. People rarely change and LaLaurie proves that.

In an attempt for Cordelia to return to her stronger more confident blind self, Cordelia took a knife to her eyes. Logically, it doesn’t make much sense as it seems that Cordelia. Being blind again allows her to regain her second sight. She’s out to root out all the betrayal within the coven.

Fiona and Marie went to see the Delphi Trust after destroying their business. An offer was put on the table to end the war between the witches and the witch hunters for a hundred years. Fiona and Maria had different plans as the Axeman popped out and slaughtered all those in attendance in his favorite way. Except for the boss who was left for Fiona. The three of them reveled in how easy it was for them to take out their opposition. In many ways it was a major let down. After everything that’s happened this season, I want to feel more of a pay off.

I’ve said this before, but I’m really sick of all the girls in the Coven thinking they are the next Supreme. Every last one of them seems to ave at least a second ability because of this they all think they are the one. It is really odd that not one of them are trying to outstage the other, but rather just trying to kill one another.

What did you think of the episode?

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