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Oliver must feel like a big man now that he has his mask as he roughly interrogates another person who had information about the serum. In many ways its the best he can do as Barry lays comatose is Central City after the lightning strike.

Thea and Oliver

Thea and Oliver

The flashback picked up right where it left off last. Oliver, Slade, and Sara are burying Shado and dealing with all the tough emotions that come along with it. The tension between Oliver and Slade is growing. Despite Slade’s affections for Shado, she always favored Oliver and when it came to keeping one of her belongings, he refused to accept Oliver’s offer to take it. All of this is eating away at Oliver as he knows Shado’s death is on him because he chose Sara over Shado. Unfortunately there’s nothing Oliver can do now that Slade is all super human. When Slade is informed that storming in after Dr. Ivo and his troops alone is a death sentence, he’s ready to take out Sara, until Oliver intervenes. With Oliver being held in his grasp, slowly strangling, Slade finally realizes his anger is becoming unmanageable.

Brother Blood, or should I call him Sebastian Blood when he’s gallivanting around town and at events as one of Starling City’s aldermans. Sebastian has no problem dishing out the details of his past, like how he watched his mother kill his abusive father after he attacked her. Thankfully, Laurel doesn’t believe his story and manages to track down a woman in a mental hospital. There she learns that it is his mother not his aunt in there and it was actually Sebastian who killed his father. Sebastian is orchestrating a rally in an attempt to unify the people of Starling City. Even, The Hood’s warnings are not enough to convince him to call it off.


Oliver ends up in a dead end after chasing Larsen

This week a maniac, like always, expressed his current frustration with the current state of things in Starling City by bombing a building. The team quickly gets to work trying to identify the unique signature of the bomb with the help of the Quentin Lance. When Oliver gets the results of the first bomb’s residue, another goes off. Oliver is quickly in pursuit, but Erik Larsen (aka Shrapnel) is good with tech and managed scramble the signal. Larsen’s next target, just as Oliver suspected, is Sebastian’s rally. When Oliver tries to stop the attack, he walks into a trap that leaves him immobile as he watches his loved ones walk into the rally. With some help from Felicity he disabled the disaster room he was in and got to Larsen in time to stop the bombing.

You know how I mentioned tension between Oliver and Slade before, it is just as bad (but different) between Oliver and Felicity. There is a sexual tension between the two that has only been driving a wedge between them. Barry’s coma has pulled Felicity away from him and you see for the first time the toll it is taking on him. Without Felicity around, there is no one to keep him in check. Instead of embracing Felicity’s return, Oliver takes it out on Felicity. She’s slipping out of his grasp and he doesn’t seem to want her around if he can’t have her. Oliver may have apologized and acknowledged how he relies on Felicity. There was even a tender moment, but there is something Oliver is either denying himself or refuses to see. It’s time Oliver recognizes what Felicity actually means to him.

Roy is having his own problems now that he is all super soldier. When a make out session with Thea results in a shard of glass wedged deep in his arm, he finds that the bleeding stops almost immediately. Not only that, but when a light tower almost fell on Moira, Roy had the strength to cover her and bear the weight of the massive steel construction. The serum is really working wonders for him.

What did you think of the episode?

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