Helix – 274

Julia doesn’t seem to have any memory of Peter attacking her in the decontamination shower. Alan found Julia disoriented and on the floor, just before Peter appeared in front of him. As the eerie frog-like neck bubbling continued, Peter passed out and made it convenient for the crew to recapture him. Julia on the other hand is deathly ill now and it’s only a matter of time before the infection takes hold of her. Already we are beginning to see that she’s losing it as the virus takes hold. She was thoroughly rattled by the imagery of herself rotting.

Dr. Julia Walker

Dr. Julia Walker

The virus seems to be mutating its infectees to want to spread the virus. Which makes the fact that Peter passed out intentionally in front of his brother suspect. Those already infected are quickly spreading it even further. One of the original infectees from Vector that escaped, returned clearly showing symptoms of infection. As her mouth oozed black blood, she pleaded for help. Despite the men telling her to step back, she continued to ease forward in desperation, until Daniel shot her.

Considering Daniel is head of security and is in the security field at all, I’m surprised that he would walk into the level with infected patients and unconfidentially announce that an advanced infectee had escaped. It was sure to cause chaos. A security professional would not just go proclaiming such information. It made it even worse when he managed to drop his gun among a crowd.

There were some great scenes involving the actual virus as they are trying to figure out exactly what it is. Sarah managed to discover the fast acting test that would allow them to determine if people were actually infected or not. There is some question as to how effective this test is, especially after seeing that Julia tested okay. With only four hours to craft the test, there’s no way to know that the test would not change it’s result depending on how long the infection was incubating within the host. In the end, it turned out that the test didn’t work when not all of the results remained conclusive.

Dr. Farragut and Dr. Jordan

Dr. Farragut and Dr. Jordan

The strings that Ballaseros are pulling are so conflicting. It is clear that Hatake has something up his sleeve. It is clear that Hatake is not really out for the best of his people. Why or what drove it may still be a mystery, but Ballaseros is a loose canon. He seems to be helping the CDC team, while also cohorting with Hatake. We already know that Ballaseros and Hatake work for the same people, but it’s also clear that Hatake went off the script. It almost makes me believe that Hatake may actually be the good guy in all of this while Ballaseros is the hit-man for the real big bads.

Despite the nature of the show, with it focusing on scientists it lends itself to be slow. That is not the case with Helix. Some how, they’ve managed to keep things moving while still making these people come off like they might actually be scientists.

The tension between Julia and Sarah was very well done. You could sense the accusations and understand the reasoning from both parties. At the end, Sarah proved to be clean of the virus, while Julia didn’t. Sarah as it turns out was only exhibiting symptoms because

One thing that irked me was there was some weird cutting that was going on as Julia let out some of her feelings to a bedded Peter.

What did you think of the episode?

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