Playstation Plus Is A Great Value

Playstation Plus has been around for a long time at this point. It isn’t ancient, but it’s been around since June 2010. Many people think that Playstation Plus is the same as XBox Live. In many ways, the two services are actually the same. Both provide you access to the digital market of games available on the system. Both allow you to make purchases such as movies (or rent) or music. Both services are able to enhance your experience on your console.

Unlike XBox Live, Playstation Plus is not required to use apps like Netflix. For a long time, Playstation Plus wasn’t required to play multiplayer on games (there are still a number of games that don’t need it). even now that Playstation Plus is required, you on’t notice much difference in the way the service actually works.

The best benefit of having Playstation Plus is the games. Every month games are put on PSN free for Playstation Plus members. These are often AAA title games that are available for anyone to download. And those games you download don’t go away even after they are no longer the free game of the month. Many of the titles are big titles or ones that people have been clamoring for. There is also a huge catalog of games that are available to demo. With Playstation Plus, you can play an hour’s worth of the game for free with no commitment. It’s a great way to figure out if a game is for you or not before investing.

Cloud backups are another thing Playstation Plus enables. It allows you to back up your game saves to the cloud. That means if your hardware for whatever reason runs into an issue all you games aren’t loss. Lately, I’ve been back up all my games just in case. I once had a terrible glitch with Uncharted 2 that could have been avoided if the file had been backed up to the cloud. You can set the cloud sync to occur automatically at a certain time every day and you don’t have to manually update the files, which is also nice.

What’s the damage
Playstation Plus is only $50 a month. If you only get one free major title every month that means you are paying $4.16 for each of those titles. If you take advantage of other games and the discounts that are available, the value of the service goes up exponentially.

The Final Truth
Playstation Plus is not perfect. It just isn’t, but most of the issues stem from PSN issues. At the end of the day, the Playstation Plus will deliver the bang in exchange for your buck. The sheer number of free games and discounts make it well worth the while. Not to mention, it is required for PS4 multiplayer. Now that I’m on my second stint with Playstation Plus, I don’t know how I ever stopped in the first place. The service really is a solid service.

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