Sleepy Hollow – Bad Blood (Season Finale Part 2)

For Part 1 of the finale check it out here.

Ichabod stumbled on a Revolutionary War re-enactment only to find a woman who sold period clothes. So now Ichabod finally has some new clothes, but they are still his same period clothes. Never less it’s nice to seem him in something different, even if only marginally.

John Noble as Henry Parish

John Noble as Henry Parish

Again, John Noble was back as Henry Parish. We opened with him having a bad dream of what is to come. Henry brings the warning to Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny. There will be a solar eclipse on the day, thirteen years to the day since Abbie and Jenny first encountered the demon. It was a great twist to learn that Henry was actually one of the horsemen. Henry had been playing his role from the beginning, feeding them clues and guiding them to exactly where they needed to be. His part was very well crafted. Every word he spoke seemed to hold double meaning.

Abbie is none too thrilled that Ichabod lied to her. the good news is that the real map is burned and those looking for it believe so. It is their advantage that Ichabod has an eidetic memory. It doesn’t mean that this is necessarily a safe venture.

It was great to see Jenny and Abbie really bond in this episode. Over the season they’ve found their way back into each others lives. This is only making them stronger. You genuinely feel Jenny’s seriousness when she says that Abbie better come back. Reciprocally Abbie has no intention of leaving Jenny hanging again. these are two sisters that once their bond is fully established will be a completely unstoppable force.

Following the map to save Katrina led Abbie to a place of her hopes. There Abbie had actually gone to Quantico and Sheriff Corbin and Andy are still alive. For Ichabod, his father’s love has been returned and America has beaten Britain. Then it hit Abbie that what she was experiencing wasn’t real. The apple pie turned to blood and everything became horrific. Ichabod also realized that what he was experiencing was a dream. I love that when the two are reunited in the dreamscape, they were able to realize the other was real because only they would know she had taught him to fist bump.

Once reaching Katrina, there’s still another road block. Despite the door being open, Katrina can not leave unless her soul is granted forgiveness. The only for her to get out is if another soul is left behind in her place. Thus, the prophecy we have been dealing with for so long as finally come to pass. It wasn’t Ichabod who forced Abbie to stay to save Katrina, but Abbie willingly staying.

Abbie Mills

Abbie Mills

Even as Abbie is locked in Purgatory with the condemned and Moloch after her, she is a fighter. Hoisted in the air, Abbie managed to injury Moloch if only temporarily. Purgaory is a mystical place that doesn’t abide by ordinary rules of the universe. There she learned that the reason they don’t remember that day in the woods was because their memories were taken.

Jenny is off on her own mission when she finds an old recording of Corbin and begins to worry. It is the same abandoned church that Katrina was in. The church which the saints name was the sign. She tried to tell Abbie, but with her still trapped, there wasn’t much that could be done. She learned that it was Henry Parish who was the second horseman, only for the headless horseman to overturn her truck on the highway.

The biggest twist of the episode was learning that Henry, the second horseman, was actually Katrina and Ichabod’s son. Like I believed earlier in the season Jeremy had not died in his grave, but withered. He’s is bitter about his parents abandonment.

Where we ended. Henry is the second horseman. Ichabod is buried in his son’s grave. Katrina has been taken by the headless horseman. Abbie is trapped in a dollhouse in purgatory. Jenny is bleeding out in an overturned truck on the highway. And you can’t forget that Captain Irving is in prison.

What did you think of the episode?

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