Sleepy Hollow – Indispensable Man (Season Finale Part 1)

Ichabod’s interaction with technology is still fascinating. His little moments of revelations are played perfectly again and again. His bemusement over realizing what 🙂 actually signifies was a nice moment. It was even better when Abbie confronted him about not answering his phone, only for him to proclaim it as outdated. Ichabod seems to be fairly well versed on the ways of new phones and want a smart phone just like Abbie. When he finally gets it, he made a nice remark about liking Yolanda better than Siri. It was a great call back.

Abbie and Sin Eater

Abbie and Henry Parish

Washington’s journal was the main focus of the first hour. We learned that the final entry was placed into the journal four days after his death. After a bit of deciphering and decoding they were able to discover how it was actually possible. While it doesn’t surprise me that the show would take the turn of a zombie Washington, I was still surprised they went there. That said, like all the potential ideas this show tackles Sleepy Hollow handles it elegantly. Sure, the idea is a it nutty, but even the characters realize this and they take that into consideration as they still consider it a serious threat. The discovery of the truth within Washington’s journal also revealed that there is a way to free Katrina from purgatory.

Andy is still around causing trouble. Moloch is desperate for the journal and Andy is just the messenger. Instead of just furiously going after the journal, Andy tries to offer Abbie a deal. He cares about her, but he’s trapped in a position where he must obey. Thankfully, Abbie doesn’t take to kindly to having prime seats for the apocalypse. The rotting effects on Andy have progressed since we last saw him and looked wonderful. His transformation into the ultimate Moloch minion looked eerie and almost alien. With his no appearance came a change in personality, one in which he has almost no recognition of Abbie and the love he once had for her. But Abbie manages to break through to him and he informs her just how important the map is   (and that it needs to be destroyed). In a swift blow, Abbie killed Andy, at least that’s what she thought. Instead Andy came back to life only to be trapped in Washington’s tomb.

Abbie and Ichabod

Abbie and Ichabod

John Noble was back as the Sin Eater(aka Henry Parish) and yet again brought something to the show even better. As he tried to see into what happened with Washington’s journal, you can see how much it drained him. Along for the journey Henry served as adviser and revealing that he will give his power to the witnesses.

The confrontation between Ichabod and Abbie was well thought out. When things seemed to have changed and they have to recognize what being the witnesses really means. Abbie manages to talk some sense into Crane and prevents him from possibly going down a dangerous path. Getting the map that could bring Katrina is clearly dangerous, but hen they are attacked by Moloch’s minions Crane is convinced getting the map is their only option. Moloch can not have the map. Moloch’s minions again looked great on the screen with their inhuman like movements. The tension between the two continue, but rather than devolving into petty fighting, they worked together. even once he had the map to free Katrina, he chose to burn the map. But for those of you who don’t remember Ichabod has an eidetic memory, turning an endearing moment between Ichabod and Abbie into something selfish.

They didn’t just ignore the death of the officer last week and faced it head on. Captain Irving and his family are suspects in his murder. Captain Irving isn’t taking it too well, but for the outside world, it doesn’t look good. We know that it was the demon who did this, but now Irving needs to find a way to clear Macey’s name before she’s brought in as a suspect. He reformed his family, only for Irving to confess to save his daughter. it was a devastating moment.

What did you think of the episode?

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