Supernatural Everywhere

I spend a lot of my time fascinated with the supernatural. Whether it’s the books I read or the movies I watch, my interest always seems to be highest when it is related to something supernatural. Call it a weird quirk of mine, but supernatural always seems to be he most interesting types of stories. Often these are creatures featured under the supernatural banner are humanoid with some sort of affectation that makes them different.

Lost Girl Cast

Lost Girl Cast Season 3

There are so many creatures that fall under the supernatural banner and each one explores a different aspect of the human condition. Vampires are those that desire to suck away the vitality of another in order to power their own. They are viscous creatures who will knowingly do evil in order to survive, even relishing it. Werewolves are the alternative. For one day a month, there is another side, a part of these people, that can not hide and must break free. Zombies may be newer, but were once us and are now mindless creatures with endless hunger. They like no others tap into our fear of the dead and the beyond that we can’t control.

There are so many more creatures that are out there that fall under the supernatural bracket and every one says something about the nature of our kind. And because every creature manifests itself differently there are a massive number of creatures to deal with and what is just as interesting is the interaction between the various creatures. How do these creatures that are outside of the ordinary and follow different rules interact with one another.

Now, that I’ve gone through all of this there is no real explanation as to what draws me to the supernatural. One could say that it is an attempt to escape, but in most cases these tales are told within our world. No, the supernatural allows our world to be greater. To be more fantastic and enthralling than just our ordinary world. It is a desire for something more to this world. And I’ll admit that maybe, just maybe, in the back of my mind I hope that the spectacular things in supernatural stories may actually still exist.

Do you enjoy stories of supernatural? Are any creatures your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Supernatural Everywhere

  1. They do make out world greater! That’s exactly why I find the supernatural so appealing. 🙂

    My favorite would have to be something immortal like Dorian Gray. I think that story is just the most awesome thing. ^_^

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