American Horror Story: Coven – Go to Hell

It began with a black and white silent film that didn’t really do it for me. Nor did the little interaction between Fiona and Queenie. We did learn that all the girls are now being put through trials to determine which of the girls is actually the supreme. Considering all the girls believed that they are the supreme this should be interesting.

The Coven

The Coven

Fiona and Cordelia had their moment as the two had some time alone together. Fiona realizes she is dying and knows there is only two weeks left. As such, she tries to give a final peace offering to her daughter. Cordelia was able to see into the future when she touched Fiona and learned that she intends to kill every last one of them and leave the Axeman behind. When she learns of this, she goes directly to him with proof of a ticket stub far away. Cordelia realizes she needs his help to prevent them all from dying at Fiona’s hands. Enraged when Fiona confirms the truth, the Axeman kills Fiona. But leaving around the Axeman isn’t an option for the witches and after a show of power they all kill him together.

Madison is going around transmuting herself into different places. Queenie is communing with Papa Legba and chanting weird things in real life. We got to see a lot more with Papa Legba as we went into Queenie’s personal hell which happens to be the chicken shack she used to work in. She makes a deal with him to end LaLaurie once and for all. LaLaurie is sent to hell with Marie Laveau to live out the end of their days.



Misty didn’t hold back when she beat up on Madison for entombing her. She was rightfully angry, but seeing the two girls go at it was really great. Misty wasn’t the only one who came back, but so did Zoe. Apparently her trip to Florida with Kyle was more intense than she expected. When Kyle killed someone, Zoe some how brought the man back from the dead. Instead of that encouraging her to stay away from the one place people would try to kill her, she came running back with ideas of belonging with them. It was foolish, but it served the purpose to get all the characters back together like Cordelia’s vision implied.

The chopping of people has changed places. LaLaurie has got her revenge on Marie Laveau and chopped her into pieces. Now she’s acting as a tour guide in her very home. There she is spouting lies about how she treated her slaves and all black people in general. When she is nudged on seeing the torture room, we learn her take the room and also that it is currently closed for renovations. One can only think what the horrid wench is doing in there. In fact, the way that LaLaurie got her new job was to attack the previous tour guide. LaLaurie refuses to admit that she was ever wrong in her ways. She thinks of modern society as cowards as they profess their false apologies. Queenie fed up with LaLaurie’s shit finally ends her, stabbing her in the chest and sending her to hell.

Fiona may be dead, but the trials of the girls is still on it’s way. We still need to know who the supreme will be and I’m quite frankly tired of them teasing this out. Thankfully, next week is the final episode and we should know who the supreme will be.

What did you think of the episode?

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