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Sebastian Blood started the episode by visiting his mother in the mental hospital. It was just to learn what Laurel had talked to her about, but also to kill her. Laurel is no fool and realizes that it’s too much of a coincidence that two days after she learned the truth, she died. With the DA not willing to help her out, Laurel needs to take action on her own. This lead to her getting back in contact with The Hood. She wants Blood to be brought down and realizes that he is her only shot.

Sebastian Blood and his mother

Sebastian Blood and his mother

With Oliver and the team on the case, it wasn’t surprising that they would find a link from the serum to Blood. But the number one goal is to incriminate Blood and that meant breaking in to the records room for the sealed file. Since apparently only a person with DA assistant like knowledge could find the file in question, Laurel was brought along. It wasn’t a great plan, but they accomplished what they needed to. Oliver’s awkward prodding of Blood was a bit uncomfortable and makes me question Blood for not realizing what Oliver was doing.

Blood is no more than Slade’s grunt man. What Slade says, Blood executes and Slade’s latest order is to stop Laurel’s interference. More specifically, Slade knows getting to Laurel will annoy The Hood. After a bit of prodding Blood kicks it into gear. Laurel returns to her apartment to find it sacked and being accused for having prescription drugs that are not her own. It was hard to believe that Quentin would be so hard on Laurel, even if she did have a problem. It seemed out of his character, one who always had hope in other people even if his gut told him differently.

Laurel Lance

Laurel Lance

When Blood captured Laurel and nearly killed her in the warehouse, it wasn’t a surprise that The Hood was their at her aid. It was nice that the man in the mask pointed out that she had once tried to put The Hood behind bars and now he was helping her. Laurel killed the man in the mask.  Turned out it wasn’t even Blood in the mask, but one of his minions that successfully took all the gaze away from Blood. No one seems to believe that Blood is behind it all except Laurel, even Oliver. Unfortunately, the whole debacle has her out of a job (at least the charges were dropped).

The flashback brought us to Oliver and Sara arguing over what to do next now that Slade is gone. Side note: Flashback Oliver’s voice sounds more like Stephen Amell on a normal day, rather than present Ollie’s voice. Sara and Oliver have had a long past together and they trust each other, but Sara is out for herself. She is willing to bargain Ivo and foolish enough to believe that he needed her help.

Sebastian Blood and Slade Wilson

Sebastian Blood and Slade Wilson

Roy is skirting his new abilities an denying what is happening to him. That doesn’t last for long because he quickly believes that he no longer needs The Hood’s help. Now that he is strong enough, he believes he can do this on his own. When they set up a false sting to catch a criminal, Roy loses control and nearly beats the man to death. Sin and Thea are both worried about him, but he clearly feels like a lose canon and it’s eating at him.

This episode more than any others tied in together perfectly. Every storyline was working toward a common goal. Blood and the merukuru serum were the forefront. It was nice to have a story gel so well with itself even as we bounce from story to story.

We got to see the Deathstroke suit which was awesome though. What did you think of the episode?

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