The Tomorrow People – Rumble

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I’m at a point where I can’t believe Cara as vulnerable. Even in her past she is a strong person who was willing to protect herself at all costs. Seeing her portrayed as this innocent person is hard to believe. The Cara that is around now is harsh and almost uncaring. She’s cold and distant and more importantly, she is growing worse as every day goes by. She doesn’t want to to what is right in the grander scheme of themes, but wants to do what is right for her. Yes, the safety of her people is a priority, but I remember an episode not too long ago where she wanted to stop bad tomorrow people rather than leave them to ultra. Now this is largely fueled by her failure at the Citadel, but it’s hard to ignore the major character change.

Cara and Stephen

Cara and Stephen

Stephen is dealing with a lot over at Ultra as he found out that being a new recruit and not a full Ultra agent puts him at risk of being depowered. Stephen, Hilary, and another recruit are fighting as Jed has made it clear that they may not all make the cut. Stephen could realizes that he could secure his place at Ultra if he brings in Julian, a rogue tomorrow person Cara used to run with who would kill if he could. Stephen rationalizes it as him being a dangerous person who deserves to be taken down. Unfortunately, Cara shoots it down and Stephen has to go back to Ultra and prove himself in other ways. It was almost funny when Stephen faltered in front of Jed in his spar with Hilary. However, when it came to them going after Julian, she made a valid, but twisted point. The others have to fight really hard to become an Ultra agent. Stephen just need to prove his loyalty and not suck. Despite Jed’s boasting, he probably doesn’t want to depower Stephen. I mean he did save Morgan from ever seeing the inside of Ultra.

Cara and Julian

Cara and Julian

Since John has come clean and been dethroned, he’s become a far more empathetic character. Time and time again he was shown assisting Charlotte when she had an episode. He relates to her, but he’s also become more soft spoken. Without the burden of having to make decisions about the safety of the group he’s a whole new person. he was able to get through to Charlotte and make her feel like she can control the power within her. His encouraging words were great to hear from him to this troubled girl that the others didn’t want around.

I have to mention Cara’s leadership yet again. Cara seems to have all these ideas of what should be done, but she acts on a whim. Cara keeps managing to make poor decisions that result in disaster. First the events at the Citadel and now Russell coming back from an encounter with Julian and his gang beaten and bloodied, her track record has been piling up with the negative.

What did you think of the episode?

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