Helix – Single Strand

We picked up right where we left off with Julia trying to communicate to the others, but not being able to. Meanwhile, up in the healthy section, Hatake expresses his willingness to leave all the sick for dead.

Alan and Peter Farragut

Alan and Peter Farragut

Even though Julia wasn’t able to inform them the test was faulty, the possibility was quickly brought to Sarah’s attention. While Sarah may have been confident that her test was sufficient, one of the many scientists in the facility questioned this. I’m glad they didn’t try to draw this pot point out longer than necessary. Sarah is dealing with a woman who is very clearly sick. As the episode progressed, her symptoms went from a small sore to hallucinations. The woman realizes the test doesn’t work and that Sarah has a tumor that is making her sick. When her medication runs out, Sarah turns to morphine to stop the pain and shaking.

Julia’s situation as someone trapped with a legion of definitely infected vectors is the main source of suspense for the episode. As Julia, still stable, hides for her life in the vector’s section, she realizes that she isn’t the only one trying to survive. Her first encounter is a woman in a gas mask who goes by, Jaye. The two women were able to bond rather quickly. It is a free for all down in the bottom level and every one is out for themselves as Julia and Jaye are intentionally kept out of a safe area with a vector nearby. When the women finally get to safety, it’s interesting to learn that Julia had been at the base as a child.

Dr. Farragut is a hard working and determined man. He’s willing to leverage his brother’s illness to his advantage and perform experimental tests. Alan’s number one goal is after all trying to make sure as many people as he can mange survive this virus. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his brother. The scene as Alan spoke to Peter about how he can’t lose him it was a great human moment. His brother is still in there and Alan wants to save him. When Peter had a moment of lucidity, Alan was so proud to introduce Sarah to him. For a moment the brother he knew was with him. The test they were doing on Peter worked for a bit, but the virus in him spiked up after a period of time. When Alan is with his brother, his usually cold demeanor falls a part.

Alan Farragut and Sarah Jordan

Alan Farragut and Sarah Jordan

Peter’s confessions were the real fuel of the episode. He indicated that his research at the facility was minor and far from being a top dog. He also confessed to Peter that he’d been in love with Julia. His cheating with Julia extended beyond the one time Alan caught them. Peter felt so terrible about betraying his brother that he came to the facility. He wanted to ensure he wouldn’t hurt his brother again because he couldn’t stay away from Julia. He got to say it all before he flat-lined and was eventually put on a ventilator.

Balleseros is really good at being two faced. He’s able to make the scientists believe that he is on their side, while simultaneously working with Hatake. It’s clear that Balleseros is the one calling the shots and Hatake is just supposed to deliver the virus as the product. As long as Hatake is failing to deliver the desired product, Balleseros is going to be on his ass. He’s a brilliant mastermind as he tries to spin a version of the truth to make Doreen work a bit faster. Once he got what he wanted, he killed Doreen (and rather violently).

That said, Hatake is not someone to be messed with. Breaking his own quarantine to stop some angry vectors from cutting off air to the whole base, he played the men like fools. Making them believe that Hatake had their best interest in mind and waiting until they cut the air back on, Hatake took the men out just as they thought he was leaving. It surprised even Daniel. Even more surprising was that it appears the vectors are taking commands from Hatake as one of them didn’t attack him in a face to face encounter.

The show is good with forward movement. We never dwell on one situation for two long and it either resolves or eveolves into a new threat that needs to be dealt with. It’s a testament to the writing that they realizing dragging out certain things for dramatic effect is unnecessary.

What did you think of the episode?

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