American Horror Story: The Seven Wonders

It’s time to find out the new supreme. The long opening of the girls flexing their powers as Stevie Nicks sang was rather annoying and pointless.

The entire episode was just the girls testing out who would be the supreme, since Fiona shirked her duties as the supreme. The girls have to perform the seven wonders. Each test will help identify who is the true supreme of the coven. The wrench in the barrel is that if one of the women who are performing the seven wonders fails, they die. Thankfully, if a witch finishes the wonders, the rest still alive can live.

The seven wonders

Coven performing the Seven Wonders

Telekinesis. Mind Control. Madison being the cruel bitch she is used her time to use min control to force Kyle to do her bidding. Zoe then followed suit and controlled Kyle as well. It was a tense battle of control. The tension between Zoe and Madison is rather stupid. Madison really comes off as a petty bitch in the entire set up. She just needs to back off rather than to force Kyle into something he doesn’t want.

The next test was for the girls to come back from the dead. It was sad that Zoe’s personal hell was Kyle saying he didn’t love her. While Madison hated that she was on a terrible Broadway production and wasn’t even the lead. Misty couldn’t stand having to kill a living frog over and over again. While, Queenie when to her chicken shack hell. When time ran up Misty turned to dust and the first of the girls is gone.

Transmutation. On this show transmutation seems to be teleportation and the girls have a light hearted moment of tag. Cordelia said it wasn’t a game, but they continued to do it, until Zoe transmuted onto a spike and died. Thankfully, Resurrection is one of the skills. Cordelia calls for Madison to bring Zoe back. Instead, she kills a fly and brings it back proving she can. Kyle is truly broken up by Zoe’s death.

It was a wrench in the plan when Cordelia plowed through the seven wonders and proved that she had the power all along. In a blow through the seven wonders, Cordelia finished five out of the seven in the span of hours.

Zoe and Kyle

Zoe and Kyle

Divination. The women must find where the girls must find the location of an object based off stones. Cordelia passes with flying colors, but Madison couldn’t do the divination portion and she began her process of walking out of the coven. Unfortunately, Kyle was waiting for her, unhappy that she let Zoe die. He didn’t know that as he strangled Madison, Cordelia was bringing Zoe back. As Madison died, Zoe came back to life. Not only that, but Cordelia’s sight and eyes returned as well. Cordelia is the Supreme.

The major part of this process was why the girls die when they failed. it doesn’t make sense why the tests would kill each of the girl. When a supreme is finally found there will only be three women in the coven. I understand the need to find a supreme, but the sacrifice is too high. Who will the supreme be in charge of protecting when the coven has been decimated by their own accord. Then again, this was the season when nearly everyone who died came back to life.

Cordelia’s pronouncement as supreme lead to her reaching out to the press. She’s bringing public awareness to witches and wants to be accepted. By doing this, there are new witches across the coven to help build up their numbers. Myrtle helped Cordelia get to her position, but realizes that she must now be punished for her crimes. She feels complete and Cordelia feels resistant to the justice Myrtle is prescribing, so off to the stake the coven went.

I felt almost cheated by Fiona’s reemergence on the show, thought it is almost expected. There was no way she could have not been in the episode to make things a little more difficult for Cordelia.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “American Horror Story: The Seven Wonders

  1. I just wished for something expected ould happen but Zoe’s dead(it’d nice to see Kyle when he leant she is back)… Cordelia showed many signs by not shining at first episodes but she was the leader of the coven all time like Misty told now it became offical

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